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Jyo Rose
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  • You're so lucky, I only have two Pokemon plushes: Oshawott and Mienshao, I cannot get any others because 1. I can never find them in stores, and 2. I'm forbidden from buying things online unless they are for school purposes.

    I barely have any Pokemon merchandise to be fair, other than the games and a bunch of old trading cards.
    I usually always have to have a water type on my team, usually Buizel/Floatzel or the Oshawott family, if it's not that, it's usually Vaporeon or the water type starter in generations before Gen 4 and 5. In my early years of playing the games I tried patterning off of Ash's current team at that time, but later on I constructed my own teams.

    I used a Watchog in Black 1, I used it to defeat Ghetsis believe it or not (and often tell that to people whenever they bash on the Pokemon), though it's not on my team in that game anymore because I needed to make room for another Pokemon at that time.
    Wow, I'm surprised to see another Watchog fan here, I find it severely underrated to be honest

    My bottom 10:
    10. Phione
    9. Tangrowth
    8. Garbodor
    7. Vanilluxe
    6. Dugtrio
    5. Exeggutor
    4. Probopass
    3. Klinklang
    2. Stunfisk
    1. Voltorb
    Not all my favorite Pokemon are mustelids though, but less than half of them are:
    1. Floatzel
    2. Mienshao
    3. Ninetales
    4. Lucario
    5. Serperior
    6. Dewott
    7. Weavile
    8. Zoroark
    9. Excadrill
    10. Jolteon
    I'm basically the same, I cannot play the game unless Buizel and Floatzel are on my team, probably because I don't like most other Water types besides the Oshawott family, otherwise I cannot play the game with the same enthtusiasm unless they are available to me at some point.

    I also like using other mustelid based Pokemon such as Mienshao and Weavile.
    My favorite Pokemon is Floatzel, Dewott is my 6th favorite Pokemon. I only own an Oshawott plush however, cannot find any Buizel or Floatzel, or even Dewott or Samurott plushes out there. I should tell you Floatzel isn't very popular, which is a wonder I cannot find any merchandise for it.
    Hey there, it's cool to see another person who loves all the otter Pokemon (both the Buizel and Oshawott line)
    If anyone curious, the profile pic is me, in real life, just showing off my love of Pokemon. I'll change it once in a while with a more recent pic of me. I'm 27 years old - die hard Pokemon & Metal fan.
    You can tell me the usernames in PM. What's your last.fm? You might have seen me on that site.
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