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  • Happy late Birthday friend! I wonder what you're up to..... hope you didn't die lol
    Been thinking about him myself, at this point I kinda do fear the worst. Either that or he recovered and just forgot to drop back in? Idk.
    Hey, pal. It's Arvie here. Long time no see.

    Heard about your condition today. I realized nearly three months have passed since your last post. Hope wherever you are right now, you are doing just fine and dandy. Take care of yourself and maybe someday we can find the right time to hangout here together again.

    Keep those Eevee rooting for you to become better, ok?
    keep it spoiler
    for anyone curious - my family has had history of
    lung / respiractory disease
    hight bloo pressure
    heart disease

    I known I ha diabetes since 2011, always taken medication forit. 2015 had early symptoms of a heart attack, got aid quickly and early. Medicatiion always helped.
    In December 22nd, 2021 is when I gotten sick again. Painful coucgh, dizziness, blurred vision, symptoms I ha not expeirienced before, even the medication didn't help at all. On the 14th had symptoms of rapid heart beath, shortnes of breath, and chest pain... went to hosptial. Doctors couldln't find out what had happened or caused it. Medication only helped one day, then not anymore, even to now, all the heart medication, diabetic medication has not helped at all.
    Still experience a lot dizziness, blurriness, which at times maes it very hard to concentrate on trying to reply. Reason why I slowed down so much on replies.

    Stranger still, unlike a normal/typical diabetic, where they get frequent thirsty or hungry, since getting sick in December, I been opposite, had had a lot less frequent thirst, rarely get hungry. . I try to eat something and drink water frequesntly... do notice I eat very little an feel full. Main thing I did noticed different is that I do get sleepy a lot. Min blurre vision is usually after waking from sleep or naps, goes away aslowly about 30 mins after. at times take random naps at laptop don't even know it.
    strange vision issues, after nap/sleep kind of half blurred, even if room is super lit, it looks dark, kind of having a nightlight, or supe dimmed, or when walking in the dark barely make out walls/furniture, it does go away about 30 or so minutes
    Even doctor can't figure out what is causing it, hoping along the way, something is known
    Kept in spoiler if anyone interested....
    To now still don't kn
    Before, I used to post about 20 to 30 post per day, sometimes a bit less with extra work.
    Since getting sick, only been doing about 8 or 9 a week., illness made it tougher to reply more often.

    At least made it to the top 4 highest posters on Bulbagardens before having to take a 'health break' I know when I return, might drop down a bit.
    Feel sad typing this.
    my health getting worst at times, for a while will be 'going offline', some might call it a 'hiatus' for me is mmore of "health issues' as I don't want to go away for a while.
    Might take me a couple months to years, do hope to able to be healthy enough to return back.

    Won't ever forget everyone I had so much fun with.

    @bigocfan @EternalPokéFanGirl @Bigfoot_the_Pokémon @Rainbow Cloud @Chidamari Sketch ME mod, can't remember their username, @takoyaki @Galactic_V @Artuditwo,
    and many more who have changed name suc as the Australian Eevee, and Bad Ass Gardevoir, Emperoar Toad, Darth Darkrai

    this week will try to reply in a few topics if health permits, likely might be off line or 'inactive' for long peridos of time... yes "health reasons' hopefully able to return one day to normal if worst, no active in 2 years or so, probably ssume worst (health liely taken my life)


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    for now cough still hasn't gotten away, still there, not as bad cough as before.
    still have the aching throat and neck from so much coughinng, sore throat and couch makes it hard to speak - hope able to return to work soon. Might have to miss out another day or two of work.
    Burriness and headaches slowly going away, still there
    Do have a doctor appointment on the 9th of January, do hope for good luck.
    if I learn anything new, will share as an update.
    Good luck with the doctor Jyo, I wish you a great new year. I promise it will be another year of trolling and contradicting you in everything :sneaky:.
    not sure how the attachment got there, maybe copied a name from reactions below with a forum smiley/reaction since i couldn't remember how to spell their name.... maybe a Mod can delete it, spent quite a while couldn't figure out how to remove it.
    it was by accient.
    at least not Covid, at hosptial got tested and vaccinated
    Not a heart attack, or diabetes complications
    also not bronchitis

    doctor's couldn't find what illness I gotten, conclude it was a pulmonary virus. what could have caused chest pains and rapid heat beat, and painful cough
    Still have cough, not as bad as the previous days
    Might or might not get to my last planned avatars, depends on what happens, might go to a doctor or hospital to get myself checked.
    Cough still not improving, already 4 days, going for the 5th day.
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