Hello, I'm Eleven! You can call me 11 for simplicity and Zima as well!

I make an effort to understand people's problems and relate to others.

I try to see good in everyone and am extremely quick to forgive. I know how painful it is not to be forgiven, so I don't like having others have to suffer that pain.

People say I'm pretty nice, which I've grown to accept and realize.

It takes a lot to anger me, and whenever I do get angry, I become incredibly irrational and difficult to deal with, so I apologize.

I use a lot of smilies in text, but not when I'm genuinely upset. Save for ><, :/, >:, and similar emoticons. I use them very little in that case.

I can take insults pretty well and am not as sensitive as I was a year ago.

I have pretty good self-confidence, but I don't let that get in the way of every single thing I do.

I tend to apologize a lot, just to make sure things are okay and in case my wording was offensive or rude. I wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose.

My personality type is ISFP. (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.) People of my type tend to like nature and become outgoing when around people that we're comfortable with.

It takes a lot for me to dislike you, and there isn't a single place in my heart for hatred. I strongly believe that people can change for the better, even if most people wouldn't forgive said person.

I'm an Atheist, but I respect all religions and beliefs.

I have a strange fear of being left behind or forgotten about. If I were to leave this site for a long period of time and no one remembered me after I returned, I likely wouldn't come back.

I fear being watched and being laughed at. I'm also very uncomfortable in social situations in real life.

I worry a lot more than I should, but I realize that's part of who I am.

If I'm ever difficult to deal with, please tell me. I'm tired of having broken friendships without talks beforehand. It... hurts to say the least.

And lastly, I love to help people, so feel free to message me if you have any questions about the forums or something. I may not be a moderator, but I know the site pretty well since I have been here for over three years.

My hobbies include drawing, playing Pop'n Music, and manipulating others.
Nov 18, 1995 (Age: 24)
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Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
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Nimbasa City Bolt Badge
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I'm a student.