• Magnificent Entertainer pokes around in the Great Marsh and battles his rival again. Will Zexy finally overcome ME's team? Watch here to find out.
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    The two usernames there are similar to your past usernames… and I saw some other familiar usernames from both BMGƒ and PC… What is this?
    Hmm… I want a triple chicken cheeseburger with everything, hold the tomatoes and lettuce, with a large fry and a medium cherry vanilla Coca-cola. And super-size it while you're at it. XD

    I'm coding a webpage on the site containing a list of Thunderbolt members— it should be up fairly quickly.

    Done. I also formatted it under SHTML (SHITMAIL => Shitmail) so the server won't recognize it as sh*t, 'cause when I encode it under HTML (HOTMAIL => Hotmail) The webpage derps and doesn't recognize it, probably because it's too hot, or maybe because it's not crappy mail :p. Explain the parser's logic there ^^;

    There are currently two other areas of Thunderbolt that we'll be managing. The first and foremost aside from Pikapost is PikaWiki, a wiki that, just like Bulbapedia, aims to create an encyclopedia on Pokémon, although I've created quite a few modifications from Bulbapedia's ideals, such as specific content namespaces (e.g. pages on species data are prefixed with “Species:”, among other things. The second, more miniscule area is the Thunderbolt Galleries, which, as you may have guessed, is a free image gallery for Pokémon-related screenshots, photoshops, sprites, etc.

    Our first goal and initiative is to invite and recruit members who are interested in Pokémon to Pikapost, and let them find the rest of Thunderbolt from there. If the rules are right, our planned invitation method is an in-depth and personal private message; our intent being to seem as far removed from spam as possible, plainly by including questions or notations/hints that the message is talking specifically to them (something that wouldn't make sense if resent to someone else). You understand, friend? If you do, this is the time to get our hands dirty ;D.
    Um, listen. I'd like to explain what Thunderbolt Networks is, to clarify on what I'm about to propose to you. Thunderbolt Networks, or more commonly Thunderbolt, is a group that's in sole charge of management and adminship over all areas of the "Pikaplace" (AlexTheRose.ws). It is comparable to the illuminati, meaning Thunderbolt is in charge of much more than Pikapost. Not surprisingly, the group consists of only myself. However, I plan on inviting members who greatly excel at adminship positions in specific areas of the network, to bring them into decision-making for the entire site. You, cRussian, commonly Ratiosu, are my first pick for inviting to Thunderbolt. Your position in the group will more likely than not be higher from the start than future members, as I hope for you to lead as “first mate”, or second in charge, of the site. Will you kindly accept my offer and request, giving leeway to move forward with the development of this website?
    Will you re-frequent the Pikapost forums, now up-and-running and under management of Thunderbolt Networks? Please reply. Thanks. :)
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