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    What happened to Jimmy?

    another name change? they do look similar to me... hmmmm...
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    How's the weather over there?

    it's been cloudy these past few days. and cold. very cold.
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

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    Where are you now?

    in my mum's office.
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

    Iced tea. just iced tea.
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names Lilyth = Jalorda from Lilith of Hebrew myth, and lily... hehe.
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    What do people think about pokemon where you live?

    well, my friends know Jigglypuff too. :lol: but mostly, my friends think Pokémon is childish. :-/
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    Kumo Avatars

    wow. I get back from school and I see this. :spam: thanks for requesting guys :ksmile:, but I hope you do understand that I don't just stay here all the time. :-( I actually don't have my own computer so I'm borrowing my friends' computers to do all these avatars... :-| so yeah, I think...
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    "Who Are We Fooling" by Brooke Fraser (feat. Aqualung) :XD:
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    Your "That's a Pokemon?!?" Moments

    a lot of Gen V Pokémon don't look like Pokémon to me. :-/ what's in my mind right now are the ice cream and the aliens.
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    Kumo Avatars

    thanks for reminding... no worries. I won't forget. I usually check the previous pages. I was lazy to check the previous pages today, though. :lol: anyhow, here's a Choroneko for you koolhk... and for someone else who requested for a Choroneko. sorry, I forgot who it was. and a Monozu for...
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    Kumo Avatars

    thanks for reminding. lol. here's your Vaporeon! :ksmile: in... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... here's your Bayleef! :ksmile:
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    Kumo Avatars

    thanks Johnny... in the meantime, here's Ryuutakeshi's Zuruggu and Orion-sama's Bellossom... hope you like 'em! :ksmile:
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    Kumo Avatars

    thanks for requesting guys! after getting back from my trip, I now have to face a stack of school works. no worries though... I try to make them when I can. thanks! :ksmile:
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    Favourite (non-legendary) Ice-type Pokémon

    I think I'll go with Lapras too. ^^