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  • Sorry xD I found something i can use to help me trade you your Pokemon. Its a website that some people use to distribute Pokemon, so I will do it for your Pokemon. I'll pm you when i get it all figured out!
    Alright so that's 2 Ferrothorns and 3 random Pokemon. Alrighty then, I'll get working! :)
    Well actually I didn't see your other post xD How about this, choose 3 more Pokemon you want me to create, ill give you 5(including the 2 Ferrothorns), PM me what Pokemon,evs,moves,ivs,etc. Btw, are you planning to use them on random wi-fi matches? If you are,I suggest not having perfect ivs. I can give 3 stats ivs of 31 for them to be used in random wi-fi matches. Forgot to say I can't do DW Pokemon yet.
    Yush, I took a bit of a break online. :D I will trade in a bit, and if you don't have any shards then riolu can be a freebie. lol XD
    Nice, then this riolu will be an excellent pokemon. I have one too, and it kicks butt. The only move I have different is ice punch is detect. XD
    I have what you are looking for. In platinum I bred pokemon a lot for egg moves. :3 I have an Adamant riolu with ice punch, blaze kick, cross chop, and bullet punch. What I need in gen IV are blue shards if you have any. I used a lot of them teaching riolu ice punch. On this one, and the last one I bred. XD
    @kaiden60 I have the items on 12 Ruffets and have your FC. I'm Sitting in the WiFi waiting for someone else. I'll be here for a bit!
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