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  • So...Hikari's Pochama got referenced today.

    Serena: Pochama sure are friendly to humans, huh?

    Satoshi: The one I knew tended to get carried away a little, though…
    Cute scene, sweet little piece of continuity as well.

    Pochama looked very cute, the art style seemed to have made the species a bit more rounder though in a nice way.
    Yeah, I think it was a great way to show off his low confidence well and quickness to jump to the worst conclusion though. Could have simply avoided it by being more open and honest to Chespin, but wasn't brave enough to do that.
    Books-A-Million near me had the DC books and I read the first volume, a good amount of it, while sitting in the store out of boredom and that's as far as I got manga wise unfortunately. One of my friends from Tumblr, EvidentlyFishy(She's Sushi from Serebii) actually follows/loves DC and the reblogs she has done for it make it look really interesting. The only problem with it is it isn't like Pokemon and you can't just jump into it and comprehend everything plot wise.

    I'm not sure, I think it's a insubordinate Pokemon like Excadrill perhaps? That'd be a first for a male, his pappy owns an Ampharos and is likely the you-know-who man of XY so I doubt it belongs to him. Well, I'm probably biased because the only two of Dawn's Pokemon I really cared for were Togekiss and Mamoswine a little bit. I was pretty ecstatic to find out Bunnelby had Huge Power, that makes it and its evolved form not useless in battle. :D

    Are you playing XY?
    I really want to get into Detective Conan and the DC fandom seriously(I've watched episode intermittently), but the episode amount intimidates me heavily. *_*
    Yeah, they both have pretty much stolen the show for me. Bonnie and Clemont are definitely my favorite thing about XY thus far, after the BW trio I was a bit worried the character interactions and dynamic might not be on par as much but I was proven wrong and Bonnie and Clemont and everything about them proves to be very entertaining so far. Just talking about Clemont for a sec, did you notice he's the first main character to use formal speech patterns with everyone even after he's met them? He also can talk down on himself at times a bit awkwardly, seems like a small confidence problem which reminds me of his foreshadowing in episode three. I can't wait to find out what happens in his episode with his gym as well as Heliolisk VS. Bunnelby.

    Yep, I'm hoping Dedenne is better handled than Axew/Piplup were as well. Axew, lack of battles and screentime, Piplup, too many battles and screentime. Both could be annoying at times, though I don't see any traits like that in Dedenne thus far and plus Bonnie/Dedenne are pretty passive so there shouldn't be too much a problem. I still can't believe he has a Bunnelby as well, literally the first early route vermin I've actually cared about.
    Meh, Ash is a generic idiot, hero shounen archetype, he acts faster than he thinks so I wasn't surprised. I wouldn't read too much into his moments like that, thoughts on the XY companions thus far?
    You need to go active on Tumblr, it took me a while to get into it but I really enjoy it, I check Tumblr like it's the news pretty much. :p Sasuke wanting to become Hokage is simply astounding. I thought he was gonna reveal he also wanted to be a Pokemon Master/King of the Pirates/Some other vague shounen dream. I'm not really on Skype much, though I have been on more recently because I'm on summer break. Usually when I'm at the library(I'm usually chilling outside on the stairs making use of my generous neighbor's Wifi however :p), Windows 8 Skype is a bit of a pain in the ass. IIRC, I'm gotpika on there so search me and I'll accept when I can.

    Yeah, Ep. N was entertaining, some eps like the Miruhog/Denryuu ones felt unneeded. Cheren's debut wasn't up to scratch either, I had a few probs with some of the Plasma eps but they're petty. I'm actually okay with the lack of training and glad that there isn't much of it. ^^;; I felt like one of DP's major problems was its over focus on on-screen training which is usually boring. Though I do wish Kibago got more battles. Lizardon's return is lame, I agree. It seems more like a marketing return to me, the writers have never brought him back for more than a couple eps let alone a whole arc. of eps and the immense amount of merch makes me think he just came back to be a regular member and promote merchandise than for any real purpose. The reserves, I agree so much. Gamagaru is dying for screen time and I really have been wanting to see Zuruggu(Absent since the league).

    First two episodes were bland, I would say for you to not waste your time with the Detective episode but you're a Detective Conan fan so who knows? You might like it. The Zoroark episode was mundane in a lot of areas and had a decent amount of emotion to help things move along. The best episode so far for me has been the scalchop episode, Miju's a bit of a screen whore, true, still I find myself liking the little guy.

    Have you seen Evangelion?
    Oh yes, but Funimation channel airs it and you can watch it ON DEMAND luckily I've been able to see the a bit of the anime in that form, it's a long series alright. ^^;; Naruto, One Piece, Detective Conan I'm behind on it all unfortunately. Though something really juicy recently happened in Naruto. Do you have a Tumblr account?

    Really? So since you don't post much, I'm curious about what you think of all the developments so far? Episode N, the Da! arc. so far, Iris getting a Dragonite, things like that.
    I'm planning to read through the manga when I have the money to buy it, I did read half of volume 1 outta boredom while chilling in the bookstore and have seen some of the anime.

    Speaking of which are you still following Pokemon Anime?
    I stumbled upon it on tumblr and couldn't resist using it <: It's so cute, isn't it? I'll probably keep it for a while.
    I actually used to watch this show before,i can say i loved when he was resolving those mysteries being pretty good anime.I know this is out of blue but would you mind if i befriend you,i like talking with you.
    LOL, yeah, I did XD It spurred off of a comment I received on my blog claiming that Ash should have a Paul lure instead of a Misty one. Thank you!

    Shooti doesn't deserve to have a lure :p Hehe, maybe when I have time ^^;
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