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Kakuna Matata
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  • Just look for 'em stickies. Sometimes they hire for certain sections, others they host big hirings (like what happened back in May).
    Sure - right now I'm writting a drafted version of a fic I may enter for the Christmas contest, but after it's done, I'll get worked on that fic (if we get enough episodes with plenty of Cafemocha, that is).


    Can brains break, even? :p

    I can do that. *cough* Your current avatar is pretty fabulous, though, and best yet, it isn't the rainbow chicken!! (of course they did. POKÉBALL PERIL.)

    Lucky fella, if only I had a real life friend who likes Pokémon... lol, it's Pokémon. Sometimes I want to rename it WTFmon though...

    A Naruto is enough. Really. That sounds terrible. u watch naruto omg.

    Not really. I have the power of GREEN, which happens to be my favourite colour, to protect me~ I now support Greenianism.
    Yeah, Ash sure is... dense. Although sometimes I just find him irritating. :/

    Oh my, you're right. That's pretty sad. :(

    Haha, seriously? If I did the same with my bff and our initials, it would be... MJ. OMG, Michael Jackson?

    Btw, I finally took the pictures of my Pokémon collection yesterday! I'll upload them later and send you a PM. :D
    Ah, neat. :p
    Oh yeah, I remember that.
    I still can't remember the name of the show. XD
    Only one, I think.
    Do you go Trick or Treating? :p
    My Art teacher was going to, but she said she didn't. XD
    Well I don't know how stringent the checks are, but I'd imagine that the organisers would at least check each player's deck to make sure they're not full of fake, superpowered cards.

    The lady in your blog is a nutcase though. Your collection is awesome in its humbleness rather than just being the result of one woman's deranged dream. I couldn't get any photos last night but I'll get some later today, so prepare youranusself for photos of so many factory-sealed pouches of Pokémon marbles, tatty plushes and (dis)figurines! :-D
    Part 2. Man, why do they bother with character limit?

    Haha yeah, we have nothing better to do so we try to beat each other at everything(Haha we beat them heaps in Rugby and Netball at least, not that I'm a sports fanatic. A Kiwi even won Aussie Idol last year so that was a bonus).
    Wow so you guys have no sort of competition at all with your neighbours?

    Haha scary stuff indeed.
    Haha yeah her household never eats their candy, it's just left there :p

    Well I remember telling my friend on MSN once about something Pokemon related, then she posted a link to Bulbapedia(I had no idea what that was back then, around last September). Then I came across the forums as a result of being lost. I lurked, and I came across the arcade here, and I wanted to play a game but I needed an account to play. So I made one for that. And hah, whaddya know, I'm an active member, and I wasn't even planning to join. And I don't even play the games here :p And what got you joining up to BMGF?
    That's awesome!
    Argh I pressed the Enter button and it took me to another page so here I go typing again :p

    Hmm maybe you should try throw the snow as far as you can and see where it ends up. That's an idea.
    Pretty much.
    Yep it was so long and tiresome. Thanks, I got a decent grade at least. Well I passed anyway so that's good.

    I suppose I should go re visit Koala/Kangaroo land eventually. When I can be bothered :p
    Nope we don't get Koalas here. Apparently their possums are endangered(according to some aussie girl in my class two years ago) but we get them here, but they're pests to us, so there's heaps of possum roadkill over here.
    Haha thanks I guess :p New York was the top city, some city in Morocco(Forgot what it was called) was second, and some city in Israel go third(I think it was called something like Tel Aviv or something)
    Haha, well to tell you the truth, I have no idea. I simply think it just fits with the picture. ^^'
    He actually did well against the Elite 4, so he did. Uch. Mah wee BANANA. I've still got him.

    I'm pretty good thanks! Work, work, work. Same as always. :)
    Yea, it does suck, but oh well. I can't make it magically not happen. Wish I could though. D:
    Matt Greoning? Who dat?

    Ohhh. Well that good. I dread the day when my dog dies. :( He's only 4 1/2,.. But we've never had a pet last that long. xD;

    CW @ 6. Got it. Bus? Hmm... I need $1.20 more. :) I bet I could find that much under the couch cushions.

    Youz a Ninja? That's great! :D
    She calls us fans her Little Mon†sters. And she's our Mother Mon†ster. Paws up! (''') Theirs this pose her fans and I always do when we see her. I swear I saw her perform once before she was famous! But no one believes me.
    Not for a while. I do have to have surgery on my colon again, but not until next year.
    Lol, I keed. It looks like one of them characters from The Simpsons.


    What channel? CBS? I need two more years tho. lol Oh look a nickel! :D *picks it up* I'm five cents closer to college! lol

    It's really difficult to find decent images of her. Most of them was writing, or they're edited to make her look weird and stuff like that.
    Well, when she said it, it was aimed to her Little Mon†sters. Said something about "having a freak in me" and it's okay. 'Cause she's that same way, and she understands.
    Looks like... A guy with a beard and glasses. Lol

    3 dogs and 2 bunnies? How does that work?

    I remember people telling me that it's random. But they don't actually watch it like you do. So I'ma try watching now. :) Yeah, I also think once I start it'll be just like another day at school.

    That's why I hate black&white pics! >:O I tried changing it to red.. but it doesn't really look all that great.
    It says "I want to liberate then. I wanna free them of their insecurities... Make them feel like they can create their own space in this world."
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