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Kakuna Matata
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  • you need fire immunity and when hell freezes over then you need ice immunity

    which i know you probably have considering who you've been training under
    I'll blame you if I want. I hope you feel bad. >:T Obviously. Don't you know, GF listens to everything people want.
    Thank you.

    What? I'm sorry, I've never checked if I have friend requests. And apparently the request has expired because I don't have any friend requests :( or any friends for that matter
    For some reason, the second game seems to be the most famous. (Perhaps because of Pyramid Head alone xD)
    Well, I'd be totally lost, since the player needs to take a look at the map so often @[email protected] And the combat system, that too. In the Let's Play I watched for the first game, the player messed up in fighting at the first try xD (But really, taking out a pistol when there's a flying monster inside the room can be difficult.)

    When I realized what his existence meant, it was scarier :< The bosses were a lot scarier than in the first game for sure, although maybe graphics can be given credit for that.

    That is like the best walkthrough, because the person even writes cultural references and other notes in addition to translations. I wonder if their guide for the second game became free to view again (the paywall was lifted till it appeared again -_-).
    Hmmm, did you try replying on FB already? :uhoh: Maybe a Skype session to catch up? Or a PM! We haven't done one of those for a while.
    Of course the sales will be good! It's Gravity Falls for cryin' out loud! I managed to see an episode of this replacement. (I refuse to utter its name because of the unforgivable sin of replacing Gravity Falls) Ye Gods, I lost the will to live watching it.
    peek-a-boo is a game from hell. like its counterpart tag and freeze tag
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