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Kakuna Matata
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  • (Cont. from below for character limit reasons) Only good stats it's got are HP (somewhat) and Special Attack, basically. Got all the bad stats from its parents in one package, and after playing 20 hours with it on the front (crappy stats and all), I can't exactly release it, sadly.

    But that's about the only case. I got lucky and got a Venusaur and Blastoise both with "Outstanding" stats with no resets, though my FR Charizard is only "above average." But for some reason, I breeded the latter with the same Ditto as the "OMGAWESUM!!" Blastoise, and the situations reversed, haha. Pity I can't trade them.
    Well, I'm not counting relatives, otherwise I'd have my aunt, her daughter, and my grandmoms on the list, and that's... not really all that pertinent, lol.

    I used to not care about IVs either, and just trade Pokemon with Pokerus around to spare rigorous amounts of EV training (for example, before I got my first Pokerus Pokemon, my level 54 Empoleon didn't have max EVs, and I raised it from 5). Though, on the former, I now regret trading away my Gold's starter Cyndaquil, since at the time I bought this bogus rumor that the mother's stats are inherited by the son and vice versa, and simply assumed my breeded Cyndaquil (now a lvl 100 Typhlosion) would get its only good stat: Speed. Turns out, shit's random unless you use your power bands on them, and even that feature's only in HGSS... from which I traded the female one away. >_>
    Cool. In all my life, I've never actually been close with any Asian female (or black, but... who gives a damn? :D). Only a few net buds.

    Then there's the fact that most adult women who play Pokemon hardcore are gamers or nostalgia-driven people who buy them for memories. It's better you stay away from the Pokiman anime section, though, shit's full of... useless discussions on a shittier show than "Narugonball GT," lol (if such a level of suck was possible).
    Says "Seems I'm the only Korean here, hu hu," basically.

    I was never expecting to see girly parts someone of my age in the FG section, so yah.
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