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Kakuna Matata
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    Well You've had that avi since before the third season even came out xD and well it's been fun :eek: there's been a lot of fights and stuff. I'm not really a fan of the new opening though, it's...too loud xD too much screaming and whatnot, the first episod ewas really good and the second....well it had good moments too.

    There's movies with Damian in them?

    Well I thought they had stated the tournament was just for students xD I'm kind of sad it's Yang and Weiss participating in the second round and not Ruby and Yang or Ruby and Weiss, either of those two would've made me happy.

    Well I still think it'll be Ford :O or Bill, Bill could die.
    ...Coming back to this a few months later, I don't even understand what I typed in my last message. xD Apologies, Kakuna!

    Yup, that's the CP manga prelude xD

    By that I think I meant rejection, possibly? Maybe I was thinking that either Ayumi would accept his love and make it grow or throw it away. That's probably what I meant by "do." and "what she might do with it."

    I have gotten Senpai's approval!
    Ah, alright. I basically know almost all of the songs now xD I am currently completely up to date with the series now!

    That's basically me with any videogames and/or roleplaying xD
    Indeed. What if all my previous usernames alluded to the fact that I must be Gafigglethorp? :eek:

    Hope I'm right with what? o_O

    Have you ever tried it?

    No. xD I'll ask Claire about it, she was the culprit iirc.
    It's still annoying because they're oh so smug about it.

    As for th mismatched paint, I'm going to try and make sure it matches before I drive away. Good luck ME...
    Packers fans are insufferable...a pity my girlfriend and her family are from Wisconsin. Luckily for ME, my girlfriend doesn't actually care so much about football. (Although she reminds ME of that time that the Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl :mad: ).

    Yeah, the only thing that might be a problem would be the paint. They seem to have trouble matching the paint. I don't notice, but everybody else does...
    None more than the others.

    Oh, nice~ (I see [sub]I understood that pretty clearly ^^[/sub]) Good to hear.
    I see. Indeed. (You're welcome. ^-^)
    No, the Bears are doing awful this season. Not that I care, but...

    I'm alright. I should be getting my car back tomorrow. It was pretty badly damaged, but fixable and will hopefully be good as new when I get it back.
    Good, it's an important decision.

    Oh, where'd you go? And how'd I miss knowing about it? >.< Yep, they're both an investment. College stuff? Hope things go well~
    Ah, good for you. ^-^ Do you have a major in mind/set? Fair enough, lol.

    I see you have more free time?
    ...... Caw.

    Interesting, interesting. You're interested in the medical field, hm?

    Yep. A pretty decent first semester, all things considered.
    Quite. :p
    Not too shabby. I just got appointed to the executive committee on my Synagogue's Board of Directors for next year...that'll be interesting.
    I got to go to a trade show a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome. I'd have blogged about it, but I heard the the blogs are going bye-bye soon, so I won't bother.

    I was in a car accident a little under a month ago, and my car is still in the shop, so hooray for that. :/

    That's pretty much it.
    Wonderful! I love the gif you used in the KoP thread for ME. Very appropriate given my theme and that I am hosting MotW now.

    Anyway, it's been a while. How've you been, KM?
    Well, it is kind of mentally exhausting because it requires players to come up with new ideas on the spot (especially difficult when everyone has to do the same thing, i.e. imitate a lion, and do something different than everyone else before), but I'm always on an energy high when a match or a practice ends.

    Yeah. I remember that happening in the War Room before, when a mod (not me this time) accidentally deleted a thread's title, leaving only the first few letters in. The players were pretty confused.
    Depends on the kind of practice. Tuesday night is when the general improv practice takes place (meaning almost the entire league participates), so it's not too draining because everyone has to participate and it takes a lot of time, since we're 25+ or something players. Usually we get to participate in 3-4 exercises, then 4-5 mixed matches, so it's actually kind of mellow compared to a practice with just your team of 5 people.

    Or someone fucks it up for you. x_x Good thing you thought ahead on that one.
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