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Kakuna Matata
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  • I have an improv practice starting at about 5:15 PM and they usually last for two hours, so I'll most likely be free by then.

    So you had a copy of that wallpost saved up somewhere?
    I'm working on fixing that post btw. I feel so bad about it, it's such a stupid mistake.
    That's true if you eat them as is, but usually you don't get that problem with ice cream. That's why I prefer the bars with waffles inside, like Kit Kat or Coffee Crisp.

    Everything else you pick up would probably end up in that bag, so it's probably filled with pieces of clothes, metal, alcohol, etc. Along with the occasional brick or bottle.
    I didn't know you had a different name for them, although we do have Rolos. It's one of the best flavors of ice cream.

    Indeed. xD It can be pretty frustrating if you prefer some guns over others. I love using the hunting rifle because it OHKOs most enemies and can be upgraded to a sniper rifle, but for some dumb reason you can only carry 9 bullets at a time.
    Yes almost, I couldn't believe it'd been that long when I logged on :/ nah no scaring took place, maybe a little intimidation but no scaring :p

    Could be better myself, new state (Florida), new job that requires a lot of travel (Forester), and none of which I find myself particularly enjoying. I'm a homebody so I'm still trying to adjust but at the very least it's a good lesson for me. At least I hope so
    ahh thanks KM!

    am I supposed to be ignoring the fact I'd be 17, or that the picture was taken on 4/20
    WHOAH I could have sworn I replied to this message, you know, a month or so ago, around when you posted it and apparently I didn't xD Many pardons!

    Oh that's so very lovely! Both in avatar form and in full size :3 But AHA! I remember hearing it was going to be in like late November but then recent updates tell me it's like a week away YAAAAAYAYYYY!! have you seen the preview clip? I mentioned but didn't post in my wash thread a week or so ago xD

    I DO TOO! It was he to whom I was referring in my previous message re: Husbando material. Yesplz! Throw that ball at me, I won't fight back BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    HAHAHAHA THAT is wonderful. I like how the Magikarp's expression makes him automatically look super excited by default. Adds an extra element of wonderfulness to the images xD

    Ugh so about the phootshoots: Haven't gotten pictures from either yet! Yikes! I know editing takes awhile but the mermaid guy doens't work three jobs so he doesn't have that excuse! The mermaid shoot was good (no dry wall was consumed, unfortunately) although I did injure myself during it. Or he injured me? Well, like it was in a pool and he physically lifted me from one part of the pool to an upper ledge that had a waterfall to pose me on (since my mobility was limited) and endeding scraping my back pretty badly D: Awful.

    Random but did you start following me on insta or snapchat? Because a random Rachel is now and yeah xD
    That nice to be able to attend a wedding. :)

    Don't worry about not finishing NGE. xD I have yet to finish the original Sailor Moon and haven't even watched Crystal. ^^ I guess Sailor Moon didn't "click" for me. :p I'm guessing NGE just wasn't for you. :)

    I've watched: K-On!, Love Live, Kiniro Mosaic, Non Non Biyori, Manabi Straight, Girlfriend Beta, Wakaba Girl, Hanayamata, Re-Kan, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Sakura Wars, Maison Ikkoku and will be watching the last episode of Sore Ga Seiyu tomorrow. :)

    I ended up getting a new laptop last week. :) My old lappy finally kicked the bucket after 6 years of heavy use, haha.
    Same here as well. Just surviving. :)

    Anything exciting during the last 2 years? As for me, I got to finally visit my brother the summer of last year. :D We haven't seen each other in almost a decade so it was great to see each other. :)

    Watched anime lately? I saw quite a few since we last talked. xD
    I rewatched Neon Genesis Evangelion.^^
    I like 'em, thank you very much!

    Duel duel duel, duel duel duel duel duel! xD
    it was in the same episode Atticus was torn between saving his own sister or Chazz, and he is an overprotective brother! Not to say the villain was torturing Chazz more than anyone else to make Atticus suffer. Shipper feels was so high it could touch Mars.

    My other headcanon is that he is a pervert.
    Heimdal and Bifrost.

    No, but that guy reminded me of Jaden in Season 4, the third season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX reminds me of Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito, even the OP!

    Mi sis is watching The Count of Monte Cristo (anime), Beppo is a boy! WFH!
    Has your nephew been born yet? :D I congratulate you, aunty KM! x3

    Hahah so true! I would think he's used to it by now; I'm sure there are tons of people who ask him to do Chrom's confession at cons! xD

    I'm going to show Azura's Nohr dance to my friend (who dances) and see what she thinks of it!
    edit: She said some of the (Azura's) moves definitely remind her of some of the ones she practices! I explained the basis of FE Fates and she said "wow if this was a movie I'd totally watch it!"
    Hmm, I'm not sure if i'll be getting FE14 but if I do I'm going with Nohr. I suppose it doesn't matter that much though, because I want to marry Joker...
    Oh, I wish I could do translating as a side job, it's rather hard to find work ;_; Especially as a newbie. I got a few side gigs before though.
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