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  • What happened to Pink Lasagna?
    I wanted to change it. Pink Lasagna will come back when it’s closer to the Steven Universe movie.
    You know, disregarding the rest of our debate in the Z thread, I have to mention that what you said about the Festival Plaza being the way it is in order to avoid server strain was enlightening. I hadn’t considered that to be a possible factor behind it, but it does make sense to me now.
    What *is* that in your avatar? It SEEMS like it's an SD Gundam of some sort, but I don't know which since there's more of them than there are mobile suits in the main instalments! Judging by the moustache, my first guess is that it's supposed to be an SD Gundam taking after the Turn A Gundam...
    It's not a Gundam. My avatar is a character named Affimojas. He's from the Video Game franchise Neptunia.
    I see. The art style of your avatar makes it REALLY look like the Knight Gundam from the SD Gundam BB Senshi line... lol
    Well I guess it depends. If Klefki gains its own keyblade it might not get a stat boost. I guess that's where Keychains come in. The power it gains depends on the Keyblade's nature as well as its wielder's knowledge.
    It would be a very interesting and hilarious situation. Going by KH lore, the Keyblade chooses its wielder and said wielder should be able to summon it back. My guess, Klefki takes it, Sora summons it back, and the cycle repeats. Perhaps Klefki holds some strange power that prohibits the summoning so Sora has to fight it. Sora's best bet would be to defeat in a Pokemon Battle or capture it.
    I'm just saying that if I had to choose, I'd rather that they not do anything with Zygarde than overshowcase it. If nothing happens with it next year, which shouldn't be the case, I think that most people will just forget about it. We can already tell that the next region is going to be far from Kalos, judging from the Strange Souvenir's description.

    And for the record, I'm still waiting for Game Freak to explore the Kanto and Johto legendaries' backstories, which they have yet to truly do.
    You lost me. What makes Zygarde so important that it should be tied to the next two generations? Even one would be a stretch.

    They have time for DLC next year, and I believe that they will have time in 2016 and 2017 for two New 3DS releases (the initial versions should be playable on the 3DS, but the second set should be exclusive to the New 3DS as by then playing it on the successor will also be an option). I honestly hope that the next generation has little to do with Kalos; the Pokémon world has so much more to offer than Mega Evolution lore. Linking Hoenn to Kalos should be enough.
    You should already know that I haven't changed my mind about a DLC Z Episode. I am not even interested in Zygarde, but a DLC episode really isn't too much to ask for development-wise and it would make much more sense than an entire game just for a few plot threads. I'd rather see a spin-off adventure game about ancient Kalos, but even then XY would need to be patched to account for one or two new Zygarde forms.
    I am not convinced that the DLC theory is dead, honestly. I am less confident in it than before, but Masuda's comment is primarily an excuse for not including the Battle Frontier to begin with. If he really thinks that only a minority would be interested in the feature, making them pay an added fee for it shouldn't be surprising; at least it would be more beneficial (for both Game Freak and players) than dropping it entirely. I wish that Ohmori had replied to the Battle Frontier questions, since he has a much better way with words than Masuda does. I am not sure what to make of his silence on the subject.
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