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  • Idk. It only froze when I tried to pick up an item. When ever I clicked the sparkles, it didn't load and logged me out.

    What's your fav. game? I like the pelliper one and the ice cream one :)
    Once, but I could never get to the Tree thing at the end of the Island of Dreams because my computer kept freezing for some reason :p
    My team doesn't have as high levels as your team :p But I can easily Rare Candy them high, if that's ok with you (If you want to battle ASAP). Mine is:

    Samurott Lv. 70ish
    Darmanitan Lv. 70ish
    Sawsbuck Lv. 70ish
    Galvantula Lv. 70ish
    Reuniclus Lv. 70ish
    Conkeldurr Lv. 70ish

    And they're all RNGd, so I most likely will have the advantage if we do battle :/
    It did work out, very well! Look!

    Thanks :] But my status may soon be gone because I'm not very good at gen. V battling xD But I'm not bad, just not as good as I am at Gen. IV.
    I'm still stuck on the part where I need to catch Zekrom. I'm trying to RNG it and I will not stop until I succeed! I think I'm getting the hang of C-Gear seeds (Kind of) :p

    I haven't tried the Battle Subway yet :p I don't think I will until I can get some competitively useful pokemon ^^
    I just beat the 8th gym. I'll catch up!

    Ok, I'll get it ASAP ;)

    I <3 it :D It's so cool! The sprites are better, the cities and caves and stuff look great, the story is very unique, and I love how so many characters are involved with your adventure. It's kind of boring traveling alone. The only thing I don't like is the menu screen. Where it shows Zekrom (Or Reshiram for Black) and you have to press start. Imo, those graphics are horrible.
    Oh, lol xD I didn't realize you were that far :p I think we should battle later, since I'm wayyy behind. But you don't have to wait for me, you can keep playing, I'll catch up ^^

    Also, I don't have my FC yet xD I'll find it out ASAP :p
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