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  • Sorry for being inactive. BMGf has been super slow, but I think it's better now.

    Just VM me when you want to battle :D I'm at Route 6 with pokemon from 29-31 ^^
    I'm having second thoughts about RNGing my starter :p First, you have to find your DS's parameters, which you do by catching a wild pokemon and verifying its IVs. Then, you have to abuse your ID/SID. Then you have to do something else, I'm not really sure what it's called. I think it's called find the value of the MTIVRNG or something like that. Plus, a mod on Smogon locked the 5th gen. help thread until more research is done, and I won't be able to ask any questions... :/

    I like it all except for Reshiram and Victini. I don't like using legends on an in-game team ;)
    Yep, there is. People have been RNGing on BW for a while now ;) It is the same concept, but somethings are actually easier!

    The only thing about RNGing my starter is that it might be unfair to you if I get one with great IVs. Hopefully you can RNG yours as well!

    Good job!

    There is one, but there's going to be a step-by-step one that will be easier to understand ;)
    Oh, I see :]

    I'd love to! On B/W, right? Only problem being, I wanted to RNG my starter, and that might take a while (Depending on how quickly I catch on to Gen. V RNG). But, I'll try my best to finish RNGing quickly (It seems much easier to RNG in Gen. V) and then we can battle :] But, I think we should wait until, maybe after the 1st/2nd gym to battle, since at least by then, we'd have a more built team (Unless you just want to battle Starter v Starter).

    Btw, have you caught on to HGSS RNG?
    That's going to be an interesting team. Meraruba/Volcarona aren't available early in the game, and sam with Zekrom. Mienfoo is found after the 7th gym, iirc. Litwick is found after the 6th gym. The only two you'll have early on are Serperior and Excadrill (Drillbur is found after the 1st gym). I tried to pick pokemon that I can have early on, so I don't have gaps in my team :]
    Heya, how are you? Are you doing well in school?
    I cannot wait for B/W... I need to finish my homework now instead of Sunday night. D:
    Kind of :] Here's what I'm thinking:

    Swanna (HM Slave, sort of)
    Lillipup (HM slave)

    Those are all pokemon I really like (except for Lillipup) and I can't wait to use them :] How about you?
    I'm so excited as well! I reserved my Pokemon White a while ago, like 1 or 2 weeks ago ;) But we only have to wait one more week! Yay!
    I wish you luck with that! Let me know the results.
    Even though this was a while ago, my holidays were great and very relaxing. How about yours?
    But it's so boring because the teachers don't let us talk at all xD

    That sucks D: You still have a couple months to get your grades back up, though, so that's good! Just focus more on your grades rather than RNGing or anything pokemon related ^^
    I'm fine and yourself?

    Come to think of it, I haven't talk with Blaze Judgement in such a long time... ^^;;
    Lol, well, if this question is directed towards my grades, then it's going great. If not, then not so great. I hate every school period except for Science and Lunch :p And maybe Art ;)

    What about you? :D
    No, it's all my fault, I've been super busy D:

    But, yes, I can trade now! Should I register the FC in your sig,? Mine is 4254 5670 1756.

    Also, remember, since this ditto is Jap. you need to check the "International Parents" box when generating a seed.
    Sorry D: I was taking a little nap from 6 to 8 xD

    Can you trade tomorrow around noon? And if not, then maybe around 6-8 PM? I think that would work ^^
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