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  • Ok, hopefully we can trade tomorrow. I can't today because I've got tons of homework, but tomorrow I'm free :]

    Yeah it's ok, but is it ok if I give you a clone of my Ditto? I need one as well :p
    Oh, forgot to mention :/ The only way you can breed a pokemon with flawless IVs is if you have a parent(s) that can pass down at least 3 flawless IVs (Or maybe 2, I'm not sure). If you need a good parent, I can trade you a flawless Timid ditto :D
    Thanks! I carry around antibacterial soap now. :D

    Ahh school, what a pain. Some AP classes are difficult. I struggled with AP Spanish. I'm thankful that it doesn't snow here... Although hurricanes are horrible.

    Spring break!! And Black. No 3DS for me. d:
    No, in those boxes you need to put 9 in the min. and 18 in the max. frames.

    You know how when trying to get a shiny egg, calling Youngster Joey advances the frame by 2? Well, when RNGing for IVs, calling Elm advances the frame by 1. So you need a frame that's at least 9 so that you can hit your frame, and make sure you hit the right delay/seed.
    Yay! Good job!

    Now, RNGing for IVs is basically the same thing as for shiny-ness - hitting a delay and time and stuff. But the guide is a bit confusing, so if you have questions, please ask :D
    Yeah, I'll try to find you online :D

    Yes, looking for odd delays is better for you. But remember, sometimes even if it's an odd delay, it might be hard to hit. Like, for me, I can't hit any delay that's in the 400s, it's just too hard. Delays in the 580s-700s are easiest for me. It just all depends.
    Yeah, then I'm pretty sure it was your ID/SID. Make sure you're ID was entered correctly, and I might be able to help you confirm your SID, I just need to find a code for that :]

    That's weird :/ Was the nature and ability you wanted correct? If those were correct, then only thing I think could have went wrong is you typed in the wrong ID/SID combo. Other than that, I'm sorry, I have no idea what could have went wrong. :(
    Ok good. I just wanna tell you something: If you usually always hit odd delays, then that's what you're going to hit all the time. So, sadly, there's almost no way you'll hit 530, unless you're using a DS Lite and you have a Pokemon GBA game to put into the bottom slot. That will make your delays even until you take it out.

    Hmmm..... I don't really have any techniques, I just try to adjust Pikatimer to try and hit the delay more easily. Like, say I need to hit 595 and I hit 589. I'll change the timer so that it takes just a little longer to get into the game, hoping my delay increases. I'm really not sure what to do without PikaTimer xD
    Yeah, it's going to take a while. I don't remember exactly how long, but I think it took me around one hour to hit one delay with PikaTimer. But now, I'm much faster than I was.

    Also, did you calibrate?
    Not really. PikaTimer doesn't really speed up the proccess, it just helps you hit your delay much more easily. But, you can try to use an external clock instead of PikaTimer, but it might be harder :/
    Yeah, this weekend is great because I don't have school for 4 days :D I'll get it to you by monday (Probably sooner, but if something comes up, it might have to be delayed until monday).
    No, nothing to do with snow. On Friday it's a teachers work day (because Report Cards need to go home soon) and on Monday, I actually have no clue :p
    Oh man, I'm really sorry I couldn't get you the tutorial this weekend D: But this weekend, I've got 4 days off, so I should be able to get it to you.
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