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  • I just saw your post in the "Lowest points" thread, and I seriously am so sorry that stuff happened to you. It makes me really want to give you a hug. So, a hug. *hugs* I hope this will get easier for you as time goes on. :(
    Just realized you live in Arizona. I also have a friend on Facebook that lives in Phoenix, Arizona (telling me that he wants to move to Seattle).
    Finally found it - I had forgotten for a moment how to add users.

    I know that my username on Last.FM is different from my Pokemon Usernames - I had created long ago when I was on forum about learning languages (forums died a few months ago) - I had used my first name and where I live.
    (first off - still listening to Ensiferum's "Finnish Medley") great to know that are other Pokemon and Metal fans at same time. According to my Last.fm - Cannibal Corpse is my most played band. I have not listened to them in about a week now, been listening to Viking & Folk Metal more.

    I have listened to Children of Bodom before (the others I haven't heard yet - I'll listen to their music on YouTube then buy the CD's when I get a chance). Just realized that I meant the Norwegian Black Metal (Mayhem, Empeor, Darkthrone, Burzum, band like that).
    [My Winamp Playlist is currently playing "Lai Lai Hei" from Ensiferum as typing this VM]

    I love Ensiferum as well, I can't go a day without listening to Folk Metal or Viking metal. It's great you ha a chance of meeting the band (I have not had that chance yet)

    Once a month I go on a search for more of Viking or Folk Metal (I search first by visiting the Metal Archies) - I never know what I'll find - and what I found so far hasn't disappointed me.

    Apart from Viking or Folk Metal - I listen a lot to black metal, Power Metal, thrash metal, and death metal. For a few years now, when I listen to something that isn't metal (when ever family comes along) I feel like I need to fall asleep, or just turn it off.
    So excited to know that you like my post - so do you like that type of metal music (Folk Metal or Viking Metal)?
    that's what I listen to a lot
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