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  • Oh, I really thought you were the moderator Sweet May on Serebii mainly because your posts and interests were so similar.
    Most of my posts came from this year, a lot during the summer when I was batshit bored to death. I'm a severe lurker though...looking through people's VM's and old posts...I even creep myself out XD

    Not sad at all! It's a similar case for me, but I pretty much save any decent Dento Art I find...so it kinda evens out. I will go out of my way to look for cafemocha though.

    I have a stigma against Ikari mainly for the fact that I think it's more popular than it should be *bitter*

    The last four shippings though, I ship to a degree...huge multishipper, especially when it comes to Dento and Paul. They go with everyone, man...
    *phew* That's good, same here! I'm just afraid of appearing like a creeper XD

    Since Paul is (sadly) off the show now and Cafemocha brings something new to the table every week, it's my current obsession. My Dento folder is already so full...

    Yeah, I mean, the poke/contest/ikari/wishfulshipping quadrilateral is pretty popular...I envy those who can support all of those because their community is pretty large XD

    Oh, can I comment on how fabulous your profile looks? I would think that Purple and Green would clash, but it works nicely~
    Sorry for the random comment, but I can't help noticing your sig. You ship pretty much all my top faves, lol!

    Coma and PreciousMetal are my OTPs, but CafeMocha is definitely climbing up the ranks~
    Actually that little Blue Pokeball "Development Group" pic is the "Temp" Mod badge.

    I'm still trying to get the italicized username. XP
    ...oh look overthereisaWALL!
    *steals avatar*
    *steals signature*

    Oh nevermind,it was just a window...
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