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  • Oh yeah! I almost forgot his spiky hair! Yeah, the whole package was awesome! =D
    Definitely. His cuteness was the most amazing thing about him. I mean he looked exactly like Pikachu except he still had his own eyes. It was so awesome! :D
    No, it sure didn't. I mean even if he would've stayed an Ashachu for an episode or two, it would've been so awesome! :D

    And I've never played the mystery dungeon games, so I dunno anything about them. But Ash having Pikachu powers, he should've at least tested them out. XD
    Definitely! He looked so happy! <3

    But I think it would've been nice to have a small story arc concerning Ashachu. But it brings up the question, would he have had Pikachu's powers, or is his body trapped in the shell image of a Pikachu?
    I was hoping they'd show that but I guess we can't have everything. But it was still very epic to see Ash turn into a Pikachu and then playing with the other Pokemon at the end. I bet his Pikachu had fun. XD
    That would've been awesome, but something even more awesome would've been to see Ash use a Thunderbolt attack, especially on Team Rocket! :D
    No problem! He is quite popular with some people. Lisa and I had a friend who doesn't come around here much anymore, his username was Ashachu and he was an Ashachu fan too. I love watching Hocus Pokemon, it's one of my favorite episodes of all time.
    I have to agree with Lisa. Your avatar is the best! I'm a huge Ashachu fan too! :D
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