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  • Anyway, yeah I could see her complaining all of the time;

    Anyway, yeah I could see her complaining all of the time;
    Ursula-“Another gym battle?!!?”
    Paul-“Oh yeah, like your contests are something that I want to waste time watching!”
    Her: “Well, I never!”
    As they go to the next town, Paul probably isn’t one to rest and Ursula is really tired!
    Her-“Paul, snuckums?”
    Paul-“…yes...?” (obviously irritated)
    Ursula-“How long until we get to the next town?”

    Paul-“only 10 more miles, now hurry up I have a gym battle waiting for me!”

    Ursula-“Could we just take a break, and set up camp for the night it’s getting late and we’ve been walking all day!”
    I just read in another thread, I believe its “Mockshipping” and yeah I grew out of that show. I can still quote it and all haha. However, I only do it with the people I know that still watch it because some jokes never get old (Stewie and Brian remodeling a house the whole “over” bit was hilarious).

    Oh and up next I'm sending you some dialouge of what their traveling together might be like!
    Nope, haha...Paul. Wish there would be a Paul/Ursula meet and greet sort of thing. Ursula could be bashing Dawn with harsh words, and then Paul comes up and does the same to Ash, they look at each other and go "You don't like him/her either?" and the rest would be history haha.

    Favorite Pokemon...I can't say too many to choose from lol. Gible reminds me of the retarted horse Peter got on Family Guy (used to watch the show a lot, but not anymore.)
    Cute's the easy way out!

    I just need to incorporate exploding helicopters in one of my pics...that should be a cover all...
    Oh, of course lol. Thanks! I'm trying to explore the realm outside of "cute," but it's been hard for me >_>

    That's up to you, dude. I might die of laughter every time I see it XD
    Hehe, thank you!

    Robots are hard to draw! D: I'm not good with non-organic matter...but I can try :p

    And yes, I love South Park! It's kinda recent for me, as I only got into it last year (My friend accuses me of being a bandwagoner because of this :/), but it has a certain brand of humor that I love :) (not to mention the shipping possibilities...me being a shallow fangirl, I'm game with that)

    How did you know? :p
    LOL, you've been lurking for a while, haven't you? XD That was it.

    Yeah, I did. The full picture's here: http://fav.me/d2ud5kj
    I love making siggies and I'm always flattered by the comments they receive, so thank you ^^

    I've archived them here and here. (lol non-subtle self promotion ftw XD)

    Any ideas on what I should do next?
    I'm aware of that. It's from a Spongebob episode XD

    But don't worry, I think the hair looks gorgeous~
    I started a silly template project a few months back with Iris before we knew her colors XD Some people were really creative with it...Byron!Iris was great.

    I should show that to Iteru (Urara), I'm sure he'd be ecstatic XD

    And about Dento's crazy family, I had a discussion about that in the Dento fanclub. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=4347

    I think we finally found his mother...Harley XD (I suppose the purple hair could have been responsible for his brothers, his hat is pretty much fused to his head which resulted in Dento's green hair. Oh yeah, I definitely aced genetics in biology XD

    What do you think his other pokemon are? I mean, he has to have 6 in order to enter the league...
    *nodnod* Also, both of them have fabulous hair ;D
    Then again, so does Harley...but that's just taking it too far.
    Huh, wha-?

    I'm flattered. But really, there's not need to be nervous, I'm always looking forward to talking to new people. If anything, I'm always skeptical about my own words since I tend to make myself look like a lunatic XD

    Your posts have been pretty hilarious so far :p Nando could be a mew...or he could be Takuto in disguise! He forced him to switch places with him before the league and made fake!Nando to throw the competition while the real Nando won the entire thing...
    Oh...LOL XD

    I think it's also cool of you to be introducing yourself like that! It's good to make yourself known from the start. Unlike me who was a recluse shut in for my first two years ^^;
    Uh, hey! Nice to meet you, and welcome to the forums! I'm actually excited that you signed up because you seem like a much needed healthy addition to the anime section. ^^;

    "Cool" is hardly a word to describe me, I think you can kinda tell from some of my posts and VMs >_> But thank you for the kind comment! Ironically enough, I am a big sister in real life, not that I act sisterly or anything XD
    Wow, I've never been called smart before xD Thank you!

    Are you new to the forums?
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