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Recent content by Karamazov

  1. Karamazov

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

    The graphics are ugly, but I can look beyond that if the gameplay is good enough. If we get a pre-Galar Exp. Share, Megas, the National Dex, a return of all deleted moves, a removal of the TR system, the death of HMs, intact Contests, a good post-game, the customizable house from Platinum, and...
  2. Karamazov

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

    Pokemon is the ultimate monkey's paw. I know I, for one, asked for remakes that look hideous. For real, we don't need to be be grateful and gobble everything up just because it resembles something we wanted. Especially when we're expected to pay for them. The majority of people loved HG/SS. So...
  3. Karamazov

    Will Ash x Bea be a prominent ship in Journeys?

    Nah, fam. Go is going to catch 'em all, and that includes Ash's heart. Edit: why do all our avatars have sperm on them?
  4. Karamazov

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I don't want Ash to get Sobble - or any Galar starters, though I'd be fine with Grookey. But if he catches Sobble, then we'd be one capture closer to seeing if he'll be rotating this saga. Fingers crossed and don't @ me, I don't care, I want it back so much
  5. Karamazov

    Shameless Self-Promoting

    Hey, Hitlerellas. I bet you've been wondering where I've been for the past forever. I still visit here, though not as much. I started working construction, then lost that job because my boss got in a car accident, and then COVID put everything on hold right as we were getting back into business...
  6. Karamazov

    Review TW03: Buddy

    It sucked, tbh. The other two episodes had more human and honest struggles (And also starred humans, but you get what I mean.) Then you just have Wooloo being jealous, so it wanders around and gets into some mild hijinks. Then Hop is crying like he had some major epiphany about it, even though...
  7. Karamazov

    Uniform number

    I found another number that might interest some. According to this: It also works in English. Should I ever get SwSh, I think I'll probably use 31 and have a Minccino on my team.
  8. Karamazov

    Found this on Twitter (upcoming Pokemon to be featured in the anime)

    I wonder if anyone is going to catch that Koharu?
  9. Karamazov

    Review JN014: First in the Isshu Region! The Raid Battle at the Ruins!!

    I don't think Go was nearly as undeserving as people made him out to be. Aside from Pikachu, Dragonite and Darmanitan, all other Pokemon were chumping and doing scratch damage. Pikachu went down with one hit, too, and Dragonite was only able to meet Golurk's punch with Dragon Claw. It took Ash...
  10. Karamazov

    Preview JN015: Snow Day, Where is Karakara's Bone?

    Go is the long-lost son of Jessie and James, given up to a good family shortly after his birth.
  11. Karamazov

    Review TW02: Training

    For the "whitewashing," we had the same complaint with Nessa in the last episode, and I'm sure we'll get it in the next episode, with Hop. Not really. Her anime skintone is very close to her in-game sprites. She's just slightly darker in her official game art. Because when people cry wolf...
  12. Karamazov

    World Championships in the anime

    Yes. Kill and absorb the weaker.
  13. Karamazov

    World Championships in the anime

    We can only hope.
  14. Karamazov

    Review JN013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Road to the Strongest!!

    It was eating food that didn't belong to it. It just walked onto the table with its dirty paws and started chowing down without permission. But it's going to have a good life in Sakuragi Park, where it can either be properly fed, or sneak into the lab to munch on some human food. I gotta say...
  15. Karamazov

    Preview JN015: Snow Day, Where is Karakara's Bone?

    I mean, things would be pretty awkward with your mom if you knew she was getting down with the clown every night.