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  • I replied and did start up the battle between us.

    Bout of the Century

    May the best monster win.
    I notice you're a bit of a forum regular, so I think you'll have more staying power in URPG-- basically, because you'll be onsite for other reasons. Just a bit of a heads up, URPG has a habit of dumping new players on their own and letting them find their own way. I'm trying to do a bit of noob-outreach, but I'm no expert; you'll have to do most of the legwork yourself. And if you think of anything you're curious about, or need help with, do ask!

    Of course, you'll get faster feedback from more-knowledgeable users with AIM, but it asks for your phone number, so screw that.
    Hmm, hmm, I'm hoping to get you set up on a "playdate" of sorts, with a URPGer by the name of overlordreubs. You've both just started out, and if you guys can go into your first battles together, that'll be a heck of a lot better than fighting some oldbie who's just outright trashing you, or "letting you win".

    If he doesn't VM you in a couple of days with a challenge, I suggest going after him instead!
    Hey! Welcome to URPG. When you update your Trainer Stats, don't forget to add in where you "Obtained" each Pokemon! (And your header image link is broken.)

    Just thought I'd mention it! Oooh, and it might be useful to ya to have your sprites link back to the entry in the urpgdex. If you need help with anything like that, let me know? I can usually get to it within a day.
    In this thread, this is what you posted:

    "Notice how Nintendo went downhill after he left the company. They have yet to create a new "mega-series" like Zelda since 2002."

    Since it doesn't feel appropriate to ask you certain things there, I will ask you here instead. What I want to ask is, what do you mean by "going downhill after [Yamauchi] left the company"?

    Also, what do you consider a "mega-series"? It's rather subjective, so I don't quite feel that it's something everyone understands.

    Thanks for reading.
    nope xD

    remember - Unova is based on America/NY

    Then remember - you catch then in a desert North of NY(Castelia), specifically in ruins of an ancient tower(s)(WTC), then add that Yamask were human before they died...

    you're catching 9/11 victims...
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