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  • Hi ^^ You seem to be a Pokeshipper but I haven't really seen you in the Pokeshipping thread? Anyway, I just wanted to say hello :)
    Seel and Dewgong.Normal Seel/Dewgong is soft blue and Shiny Seel/Dewgong is soft grey. There isn't too much diference, I had a Shiny seel in FR and I didn't notice it until I saw the shiny star xDU


    KASU!!! New information about gen 5! The starters have apparently been revealed, along with a picture of the girl and boy!
    Woops! I answered back on my page instead of yours!
    So i'll write it again :)
    At least some scans of the girl and boy players!
    Yup, London is my favourite city, and the british high street is brilliant! I, however, am completely accustomed to bad weather :p Where I live, it rains quite often and its pretty cold, that goes all same kind of weather as in England. But thats ok (not the rain tho!), as I have pale skin that goes all red in the sun :( I don't tan well at all! I go red like a lobster then white again :D
    Well, I got to London fine! The trip was great :) Managed to fit in a lot of shopping (TOPSHOP!!) :p
    Now I've been off the forum for a few days I've got a lot of catching up to do! :D Already there is so much new stuff!
    Aha! So you want to do research? That's cool, I think I'm also going to go into research (neuroscience and all that stuff :p). And I can see why you wouldn't want to operate on anyone! Me neither :D

    Hehe, imagine a ghost type eeveelution! That would be ...weird :D Or a flying type or bug type! I wish they would do this, it could be very funny!
    Hmm, light type, sounds interesting. Wonder what kind of attacks they would have?

    I'm meant to go to London tomorrow for a short holiday, I really hope the flight won't get cancelled because of the stupid volcano!!
    Thanks thats sweet and I so understand Otani.A bunch Toradora,Naruto,Shugo Chara,Pokemon,Ouran,School Rumble,One Peace alittle,Fruit Baskets ,A little of Inyusha,Lucky star,Melaoncholy of haruhi suzumiya and a bunceh of others ive watched but some how cannot remeber*Sweat Drop* What about you?
    Aaah I have had Spurt in my head all day!!
    Anyway, no, I finished school last year, I'm working right now (wooh), but I'm going to uni next year :) Looking very forward to it. Anyway, you shouldn't be scared, be excited! :)
    Medicine, thats tough, but very interesting I think. I'm going to study Psychology. Then I can learn to read into people's minds, haha!

    I wonder if the new games will have a new eevelution? Maybe Steeleon, the steel type eevelution :p
    Never collected Pokemon cards! :eek: Actually never heard of Tazos :)
    Hehe, I read your new post in the Misty club, the way you circled that space was really funny! It's a farfetched idea, but I like it :p
    Guess you'll have a lot to watch this Summer then! In that case I guess you're still in school? Haha exams and all that!
    Grrr I want more information on Pokemon black and white! I think its funny that after Pokemon Gold or Diamond or Platinum we have ...Black and white. A bit of an anticlimax, imo.
    I totally agree! Those first two lines of the opening are so nostalgic! Pokemon was so big for us kids back then. I can't believe I used to collect those cards :p
    Ah, you should watch those two films, they're good! The 6th movie has some Max focus, if you like Max. May sings in it too :)
    I haven't watched the 4th and 5th movies yet, I really should.
    Most of the japanese openings seem a little better (in some cases lot) than the english ones. I still prefer the original english opening to the original japanese one, but thats just because of the fond childhood memories of Pokemon that the original opening symbolises for me :D
    Did you ever watch the 7th movie btw? I really love the song in the english dub at the start.
    I would love to see all 3 girls interact :) Some people have said that the grils wouldn't get on, but I think they would, they are all nice after all (unless someone really makes them mad :D)
    Oh yeah, that picture you put up in the Misty club, with all those smaller Misty pics, its great!!
    I listened to Spurt, you're right it is very good! (Much better than the english opening). Still prefer Saikou everyday a little more tho :) I heard the other japanese openings too, one of my favourites is Ok!.
    While I remember, I just read your commment on the 'will you miss contests' thread, and it maade me realise what I feel is a bit off about contests right now -I hate those Pokeball seals!! They're just too much blaah! :D Hope they get rid of them if contests continue.
    Aah, I wish the writers would have May win the Johto grand festival! It seems like the right moment for her to win, she was shown to have improved a lot in Wallace cup arc. What I really hope is that all 3 Pokegirls are there to cheer Ash on in the league :)
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