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  • If you notice I start to talk a little different, don't freak out(you would probably think that, that was strange).
    Oh.. yeah, I got HeartGold working, if you give me your USB on Monday or Tuesday, I'll put the black screen code on it, and I'll give it back to you the following day. But, besides Wednesday, since you're going to the Carnival.

    P.S The way other people talk, it has effect on me(strangely this is true, I know it might sound weird, but its true.), in other words, it kind of influences me, the way you speak, I sort of sound like you--in my own way, though.(I mean I swear more often-than I used to,since well, you sort of swear as well.When I was a kid,I never really swore at all,) So,yes anybody can influence the way I talk. I know that, this was random.. but yeah.P.P.S As I have said before, I do not sound like the other people excactly, just in my own way.
    Haha,you sound like a kid when you wrote on my page.
    They all read it too?
    The Nintendo DS Lite :D.
    By the way, did you know that TTEchidna is a moderator?
    Haha!{Laughs} I think you might not care much,..about,that,though.
    Oh, did that kid read it too?
    Hey Rayquaza, how are you doing? I've been kinda busy lately, that's why I haven't been around so much. I'm usually here about 10 times a day. XD

    hey nice background of ho-oh its pretty cool

    No, it's hot.

    hey i no its so cute

    ...no, it's hot.

    sarcasm "hey i no its so cute"
    oh and .. *lol for the third time*
    I went to Westfield today, they had no GameBoy Colour's at game traders(I really want a GameBoy Lite(damn why did my GB have to get stolen!?).. and no Pokémon stuff compared when I went there last time. They had heaps of Pokémon dvd's lots of the stuff was Pokémon. I saw those Pokémon phone charms you were talking about too. And also I went to Jay Jay's and bought some tops LOL.Random tops, Mickey Mouse,Care Bares,some random Monster top,a random Tiger top,Sonic the Hedgehog,a penguin top next I need a Pac Man or Space Invaders top then I'm fine. Lol I know, random. I want more games in my collection, I want Quinty, Drill Dozer & Pulseman, guess the only place I'd find them is eBay. I should start a Game Freak collection(゜∀゜)(゜∀゜)!And if I'm lucky enough (which I highly doubt) some Game Freak magazines T_T \(゜∀゜)/ but..
    oh yeah and make sure your arm doesn't fall off by the end of the day. Lets see if you enjoy push/throwing a 3 Kilo ball, they are heavy!
    And I'll be working most of the day, and I am defiantly NOT doing that Ned Kelly stuff. Its true, Social Studies is one of the most boring subjects.. erhh *plonks head on keyboard* oh that USB you found on the grass I put all my songs and games on it. BTW if I can get those damn MAME 32 arcade games working ill see if I can shove those on there too.Damn why was MAME 32 deleted off my computer when the games WERE working.. grr, I can't miss out on classics! Space Invaders,Wonder Boy and etc.
    Have fun at the sports carnival next Wednesday and I'm gonna be a loner with Michael all day oh and no-one can throw the orange ball at each other :p Friday tomorrow!
    Library reading period! Lol I still think shoving that Hitler and Japan book under the shelf is still funny. uhh I forgot what I was also gonna say,.. lol you added random people. UMM oh thats right I'm getting a Mario DS Lite with Mario, and then I'm gonna buy ANOTHER gameboy and all my pokemon games AGAIN. Ahh.. the, this is great having to buy all that shit agian.
    hahahaha yes kaitlynd..
    and about Emma ..that is gross
    lol see you on Monday.
    And did anyone ever get their ball back off Mr Moron.
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