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Recent content by Katsu Koneko

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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread AmourShipping sounds adorable and I think it would fit it more than KalosShipping. I'm so happy sakura-serena gif'd this part. I really can't wait for Serena to show us hints about Ash's childhood or rather what happened in their (first) meeting in the forest...
  2. K

    who do you ship Paul with?

    I ship Shinji with Satoshi, Kasumi, Jun, & Takeshi. There's probably more but those are my main Shinji!Ships. The first two or my favorites. ;D
  3. K

    Negaishipping - Ash/Iris

    Negai = Wish ^ TV screen for closeness alert. xD
  4. K

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    DP190~ I find it weird that the boat had no first aid nor a doctor, but had berries. I mean... wtf.
  5. K

    ღNovelshipping General Discussionღ

    Yay~ More replies to the thread. Hehe. :) How do you think Paul would express his feelings for Misty if ever he is in love with her? Secretly as to avoid Satoshi & etc being all "oooh~ Paul's in love owo" What do you think will happen if Paul and Misty will meet? Fire & Ice. All hell. Battle...
  6. K

    PikaShipping - Ash and Pikachu

    Haha yay someone remembers that pic. :) It's still my OTP. x3 Sooo freakin' adorable and pretty canon. ;D Pikachu sleeps with Satoshi in his bed~ ^^ <3
  7. K

    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    Hello fellow PearlShippers~! <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDig379Zr3U I come baring news of a Pearl MEP <3 I was browsing through Deviantart and read these comments by a certain deviant. "Dawn and Ash are on the same par, both kinda dumb, both kinda smart, both can and can't take care...
  8. K

    ღNovelshipping General Discussionღ

    That I am. Haha. Thanks for the compliment. :) Ooh really? That's awesome! Glad that NovelShipping is getting some love. <3 It's my OTP for Misty thus far.
  9. K

    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    Re: Crack Pairings - don't need a reason, just need love Let's see... BanShipping - Erika & Satoshi MalevolentShipping - King of Pokelantis & Satoshi NaiveShipping - Kojiro & Satoshi NovelShipping - Shinji & Kasumi Pikatheftshipping - Satoshi & Hunter J RedShipping - Musashi & Satoshi...
  10. K

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Oh whoa~ This thread is still going :) Anyways~ I'm still watching a lot of anime. Let's see~ Series wise, I finished Knight Hunters. Episode wise, I just finished episode 3 of Angelic Layer. :D
  11. K

    ღNovelshipping General Discussionღ

    sfsdfsdfajkj omg! An active Novelshipping thread. *w* All the ones I've started on Serebii Forums kept dying due to inactivity, but here I find an active one. I'm so happy that this lovely shipping is receiving love~ <3 I'm the creator of "Novelshipping-C*m* B*c* S*i*j*" "" &...
  12. K

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 6~ x3 Shannnnonnn! Shakugan no Shana II episode 4.
  13. K

    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    ...be careful. dawnxashforever17 makes fake hints such as the "Gym leader calls Ash & Dawn a couple" one. -_-;;; Also editing the audio to make it seem Pearlshippy. (e.g. "Oh Ash, I lost again." part, she originally said mom.)