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  • i just pulled the 2 Regigigas out of bank. they are still and un used lv.1 but are in fact touched. the shiny one has active pokerus and the non shiny (original source from my little brother's jpn platium game) was given moveset Brick Break, Fire Punch, Confuse Ray, Giga Impact... Would that still be ok?
    Hey, how are things? Hope you're not as busy as I have been ...

    You free to trade now/soon? Still got Drips, still more than happy to trade it with you.
    I can trade from now (I realize this is frightfully inconvenient) 'til about 7:40. I'll be around again after 11, if that's too late I should be free after 5 tomorrow. If there will be a good time for you to trade tonight or tomorrow, I can set an alarm and meet you. I shouldn't be doing anything besides cleaning around my house tomorrow.
    I added something tonight! I'm going to add another one hopefully well before this time tomorrow.
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