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I used to be a Pokémon fan since I was little. Gen III was the first series of the Anime I watched, and Gen IV was my first Pokémon games. But then, I graduated school (in spring 2017, two years later than usual due to autism) and I used to think that I would become a NEET and dedicate all my life to a Sims 3 character. But my parents are smart, so Ari-chan <3 waltzed into my life, and is trying to make me leave that bunch of pixels for good!

Turns out it was an impediment to my creativity, so leaving it has made me do less Pokémon and Doctor Who stuff, because I was creative enough to create OCverses such as "Dovanice & Company" and "Amiche per Cau(caso)". So now I don't post really as often.
Nov 21, 1996 (Age: 24)
Palermo, Italy.
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Percussionist @ Gli Xyroniani
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Aroush forever!


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