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  • Eh, I must of misread.
    I thought I saw it on the first page (p10?)

    I'm planning to buy the magazine, so I'll let you know if I read anything of interest.

    Ahh, on the way to Red? Very good!
    I'm progressing slowly, I recently defeated Misty and Erika, but my team is still in the high mid 40s, so I've got a bit of grinding to do.
    Hey sir, that is one badass avatar.

    How is HGSS, I ended up waiting for the english release as well~

    By the way, I was reading the current CoroCoro scans, was it just me, or did it say there were 5 "scoops" and we can only see 3 iirc.
    I feel like I may be reading it wrong :s
    To keep on-topic on that thread. Yeah, it could be the narrator, but I never saw it that way, I've always thought it was actually the player who said that.
    lol, No worries.
    Actually I don't post as much either, most of the posts are pointless, and then people want to start PMS'ing every two pages, so I just lurk every few days.

    Ahh, not much actually. On PS last week on the week before they demo'ed the PokeWalker and showed what was already on the website in action.
    But nothing new.
    CoroCoro and the occassionly official site updates are the only "real" news. XD
    Oh. I see.
    I use kanji to "cheat" and approximate a meaning with out have to completely read it all.
    When I was playing DP, they used alot of super simple words. Sp simple that I could just look up each word and understand what was said-no "adapting" or double meanings.

    Man, I wish I could've helped you :/
    You could also try playing some of the original GSC in Japanese and see if that helps.

    In response to when I asked you about your Japanese skills,

    I don't have much of a vocabulary either, so I understand where You're coming from. What little Japanese I did know, I've mostly forgotten, so You're wayy ahead of me.
    I'm retaking Japanese, and just reading Pokemon related material. Because it's aimed at younger kids, I imagine the games are only using so many words, you know what I mean?
    I figure if I learn all the words that might be used in the game I'll get by just fine. Not to mention theres spaces inbetween words in the Japanese DP, so if that's the case with HGSS it'll be so much easier.

    Maybe that's the solution to your dilemma?
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