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  • I think they saw that in Gen 3, when the rival wasn't the arrogant bastard and was the admirer wanting to prove himself. Making Barry that extreme, however, kind of puts the next one at a loss. If they're going for unique instead of generic school-yard bully, I rather can't wait to see what they cook up next.

    "I hid under your porch, because I love you." <3

    :3 Yay! Keep it up. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    If Barry was a person on a forum, he would definitely be a troll. *nod* "Ack! You answered that before I could! $1,000,000 fine!"

    I can't agree more about the epicness of that movie. I'm so in love with Dug the dog. "I'm am looking for a bird. Oh that is the bird. You must come with me and be my prisoner. Oh please be my prisoner." And the animated short, Partly Cloudly? Nothing less than awesome. 8D
    It was actually supposed to be some bizarre twist of humor delivered in deadpan, Barry being the troll/goblin/gnome in the garden (less the internet troll and more the homebrew woodland-variety) who just happen to land there from one of his more extravagant displays. I knew it would fall short, but I was also playing around with different styles, and a one-liner probably wouldn't have worked for anyone else. ^^;

    8D Ah, don't force it. Ideas like to slip around, expand, and then change on you when you aren't looking. Keep it up. ...And is your avatar KEVIN?? Oh my gosh, it is, you get "POINTS"!
    His anime personality makes it easy, the fact that he's young, and his skills are enough to make him a GL, so he probably thinks he's a genius.

    Ah! :D A specific plot in mind or just fluff-stuff?
    Oh man, the Early one was the most fun to write. I'm surprised anyone's following it over there, though (I don't generally believe people browse my journal from anywhere but LJ itself). I'm very glad you liked the SteelWing one (and now feeling guilty it wasn't longer; I'll revisit it in another set =).
    Jasmine wouldn't be too bad of a match. My preference for girls and Falkner seem to fall toward Clair (and sometimes Whitney), but Jasmine wouldn't be too far out of place. =)
    8D That's an extra-special compliment then; I'm glad you liked them. Honorshipping might be my favorite, but I'm extremely flexible. Haven't seen or made a Falkner 'ship I've not like yet.
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