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  • I think I don't know what I'm going to think until I see what they do with it next season. As a conclusion to the final arc of the season it did it's job (and conveniently left an out for Cuddy), but it did feel a bit rushed (and a bit evil for House the character. After all, her kid was in there), but I don't see the unbelievably others do. I mean, this is House after all. The very first episode of the show wouldn't happen in reality (there is no way in hell Dr. Greg House is not in jail, let alone kept in employment in real life), but that doesn't matter. The character is far too interesting to let petty shit like "That wouldn't happen in real life." be a negative.
    I've never followed that recapper, so I'm obviously not as relieved as you. But fed-up butthurts are less annoying than loud ones.
    From what I've read, Season 8 is all but 100% confirmed to be the end.

    Anyone who says the end of Season 7 endorses domestic violence is shallow and is looking for every popular male character or male writer/director in TV/film to be a sexist or misogynist (see: feminists hate Chris Nolan). People don't seem to understand how to separate depiction and endorsing. Yeah, House went insane all over Cuddy's... er, house. And yes, it made him (at least on the surface) happy. But it's just an extension of his constant desire to avoid problems.

    I personally hope Season 8 consists of House (and maybe Wilson) walking the Earth. I'm not sure how'd they'd fit the team in there (I'm guessing Foreman lands Cuddy's gig, or Wilson if my walk-the-Earth hopes die, but other than that, I don't know). He obviously can't just show up at Princeton-Plainsboro at the beginning of next season.
    Yeah, people do that. Because they don't get House. they watch it as they watch Grey's Anatomy or ER. As if it is all about who is fucking who.

    I do hope they knew she might not be back, and left an out for her at the end of Monday's season finale. I'd hate for next season's first episode to open with them having to slide in info like "Well since Cuddy left...".
    I wouldn't be surprised if that is the eventual culmination of the series. It seems to have been leading to that conclusion since the beginning, be it him cutting it off or being stubborn and keeping it or dying instead of cutting it off.
    I figured it wasn't. FOX likes to make things bigger than they are. I am glad to see it seems they are going down that inevitable path in which House decides what to do with that leg.
    Yeah, Don is... er... unique to say the least. And a bit creepy.

    David Shore said in an interview recently that the House/Wilson relationship is the most important component to the show, and he didn't think he'd be willing to do the show if Wilson was gone or relegated to a recurring role. Of course, people who are offered a lot of money to stick around tend to change their minds.

    I have a feeling they'll end this season in a way that could end the series while leaving an opening for another final season. At least that'd be the smart thing to do.
    Yeah, they typically do that. We are entering the last big arc of the season, so it's type to hype the show even more.

    Also; House on heroin? I'm sure it'll be a bait-and-switch of some kind, but damn...
    Yeah, while I expect there is a decent sized furry following for Regular Show, that obviously isn't the heart of the show. It's simply the bizarre nature of all these animals/living objects exist in a world of humans and it isn't acknowledged.

    Though I will say, that Margaret is one foxy lady.
    It was obvious from the beginning it was Masters' last episode. Anyone who didn't realize that doesn't understand the basics of storytelling.
    I agree with all your points. However I think 13 is already pretty much an open book. She's screwed up like House and her Huntington's is what is making so. Apart from that she's not very complex. Masters is. Because they know she's leaving the writers haven't really given her any character development, but if she stayed they'd be lots of ground to over. Like why she was so closed off socially and prefers to bury her head in books, rather than live a normal life.
    I think House was fascinated by her also.

    I think people are comparing her and Cameron because they are both quite high moraled and like to keep House in check, where as 13 doesn't really care. She just goes with his crazy schemes.
    Also, maybe because they're seemingly quite timid. Where as 13 is very confident and forward.
    I still don't think that makes them clones. People are just looking for excuses to dis the characters they don't like.

    I kind of think that Amber's character deserves more. Masters is smart and beautiful, but the rest of the team bar House, still seem to think of her as a frumpy little brat.
    I would have liked some romance for her character. She would have been nicely suited to Wilson I think :p
    Curious. Do you like 13? I'm actually quite pissed that she's back. I just think Amber is a much better actress, and her character is more complex.

    A lot of people are saying Masters is a re-has of Cameron though. I can't see it myself.
    I dug it too. I don't think I loved it as much as you do, though. Taub and his wife having their we're-totally-22-again fling could be interesting, but just as easily could be frustrating. I did love the stuff between House and 13, though.
    I would personally want Forman and Chase to stay around, if only because they are House's OG Bros (along with Wilson). Can't break up the bros, man. It's a bro thing.

    I don't see any character leaving besides Masters, really. It'd be hard to conjure up believable motivations for more than one character to leave in the last 6 episodes of the season. Two, maybe... but that'd still be stretching it a bit.
    I've had a feeling this could be the final season since FOX randomly ordered an extra episode in January. Shore has said when the show ends it will be on his terms, if I remember correctly. I doubt it ends this season, but I've had a sneaking suspicion it might be after Shore scrapped the House-and-Wilson-on-the-road arc and FOX ordered that one extra episode.

    I've heard nothing about any of the cast being frustrated with the show. Sounds like fandom creation.
    Yeah, they've had a few things cut, but they seem to essentially get what they want through. I think they put a lot in that would never get past the censor to sneak in the kinda racy stuff.
    =D yay! It's not done yet anyways, but I will do so. I will also make sure to reference that it is a parody of Alice in Wonderland's Caterpillar.
    I haven't drawn it yet--but, the caterpillar does have a hookah, and I wanted to make sure that my drawing of Scolipede wouldn't be against the rules if it had a hookah like the caterpillar XD.

    I can sketch it out some more and PM it to you.
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