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  • Ooooooh Keldora! I have a question for you, because you mod the Artist's Alcove.

    I'm drawing Scolipede for someone, and I have an idea of making it a little like the Alice and Wonderland Caterpillar... would this be too inappropriate to post in my art thread 0_o?
    I'm sure the anti-Masters fans out there would love the idea of Masters being killed and eaten.
    Masters is definitely too nice for her own good... but I think the revelation of just who she was treating is what will be driving her out when 13 returns.
    I'm not a huge Nurse Jackie fan, but it has a following...

    I think J.G. was even a bit confused they aired Brian Eraser, and thought they'd never re-air it, but they did.
    And now many critics have egg on their face. I guess you become a TV critic if you aren't good enough to be a film critic, because I know my favorite film critics would get that House + Cuddy was never going to work out, but it was something that the characters had to explore after 7 years of the show. You can't have moments like last night without that buidup.

    And I figured House would relapse. No one is a user for as long as he was and just quits.

    Also, the one musical number kicked the ass of a certain other popular FOX show that is nothing but musical numbers, you know?
    Yeah, MacGruber is very underrated. People tend to think it's immature for the sake of immaturity, but it isn't. It is really self-aware. I mean, it was directed by one of the guys from The Lonely Island, after all.

    And I've been skimming some of that blogger's stuff (though not the most recent episode. I still haven't had a chance to watch it. It is DVR'd, though). I really dig it.
    Oh, I have a lot. Here's a short list (you've probably seen a lot of these). They aren't all road-trip flicks, but they all have that (intelligent) usage of R-Rated raunch:

    Blues Brothers
    Kentucky Fried Movie
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    South Park : Bigger Longer and Uncut
    National Lampoon's Animal House
    Shaun of the Dead
    Hot Fuzz
    Death at a Funeral (Original British version)
    I Love You, Man
    I don't know about a Regular Show DVD/Blu-Ray. I'd say it's doubtful. Cartoon Network has never been a network that releases seasons of currently-running shows on home video.

    The Ren & Stimpy/Beavis & Butthead similarities are there. But that is mostly because JG Quintel was a fan of those shows. Not that it matters. It isn't a direct rip-off, and everything borrows from something.

    And yeah, The Hangover is great. I prefer Hot Tub Time Machine and MacGruber, but I did love Hangover. Not too sure about the sequel, especially since the original writers had nothing to do with it.
    Originally, Masters was going to be a temporary character, but apparently David Shore liked Amber Tamblyn's performance and wanted her to stay, but she declined and will most likely be done by the end of the season.
    A bunch of baby ducks, send it to the moon. Soda machine that doesn't work...
    Yes, Regular Show is full of awesome.

    And I dug House. I didn't really like Taub when he was introduced, but he has been really fleshed out, and Peter Jacobson is a favorite of mine, so I'm glad he finally has a had a chance to show everyone he has chops.
    I really like Wilson. He just wasn't necessary for this episode.

    Definitely glad they haven't broken Masters. Even if she is insufferable and I want to strangle her. Means Amber Tamblyn is doing her job right.
    I have a bunch...but my notebook went missing again (after a bunch of revisions to who-in-what), so I don't know who would be next, or who was in what. ;.; So I'd have to redo that first. ...And I think I'm obligated to do something Special related next. o_^; Someone wants Cloudshipping.

    8D But that's great, for you! ^^ Never be afraid to send it this way.
    Hello again.

    I have something to ask you again. I believe I've solved all the problems that forced me to close my shop down and I'd like to re-open it. So, if it's not too much to ask, could you unlock it?

    Thanks in advance.
    No. It took one of its many mini-hiatuses. And yes, back next week.
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