• ME continues wandering aimlessly around Sinnoh. Watch here as he participates in a Catching Show and goes to a strange island.
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  • To Change your Avatar image, go to Settings on the top right -> then on the left, scroll down the "My Settings" section until you find an option labeled "Edit Avatar" -> you'll then see a section called "Custom Avatar". be sure the "Use Custom Avatar" is bubbled -> below that, you get two options to upload an avatar pic. I recommend Option 2, it's much easier -> when you have the pic you want as an avatar, click "Choose File" (assuming you know how to download an image from google images) -> find your pic in your control panel and hit open -> then scroll down the page and hit "save settings".

    The maximum size of your custom image is 120 by 120 pixels or 120.0 KB, meaning if the Image exceeds the 120 x 120, but the file size is less that 120KB, then it will be acceptable.
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