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  • Cool, I'm heading home, btw do you have a HA talonflame or any of it's family? I would trade another HA pokemon.
    I'll take the houndoom then, the only missing piece in my collection. Also it would be nice if it had a dusk, shiny, or dawn stone, I can give you my destiny knot if you want.
    I'm at work so I'll be out in 4 hours, and do you have a houndoom cause I also have sapphire. If not do you have any HA pokemon?
    Except maybe not, since someone's washer/dryer broke, they did it by hand in their bathtub, and are now extremely tired?
    Pretty much. I'll be having a session tonight. Might be able to convince my friend to stream the game aspect of it (if we do have combat) so you can watch. :3
    Roleplaying is involved, yes! But what makes it FE is a combat system that basically emulates FE. You move around on a map, you (virtually) roll a 100-sided dice to determine hits, you have Fire Emblem abilities...it's more or less like playing FE itself.

    Yeah, same here.

    He was stubborn. And put off by how the doctors handled an injury my father had, so he developed distrust for them. And touted himself as a picture of good health, or at least insisting he was always fine.
    I can tolerate it. And yeah, it's called Fire Emblem: The Further Journeys. I'm especially enjoying the interactions our characters are having, though most of what I've been having has been between Ashe and Rana. Which is extremely fun and adorable, to be fair. Any thoughts on it/the tabletop in general?

    Well, I don't really mind on the loneliness front. I gave it a shot, and it didn't work out for no fault of my own. There will be plenty of other chances for me, and I'm sure there will be plenty of other chances for you. :>

    Yeah, my paternal grandfather got got by lung cancer. Though part of it was his own habits, from not visiting a doctor in 50 years. By the time it was a serious thing, it was too late to do anything. :/
    Heh. Might have to read it...and get back on your other fic too. As an aside, here's something of my own FE-related that you might be interested in checking out. Even set in the Awakening World too. Been looking/hoping someone would comment on it, but no luck so far.

    And dang. That sucks. Had my own share of problems, including finding someone to be with then finding out they weren't that good after all, and ended up trying to hook up with someone else twice. :/ But things worked out, in one sense, since justice happened and I pretty much went into it with a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" thing really. Also had a bit of a cold that lingered for a month, which is annoying.
    Yaay! :D FE buddies!!

    Do you also go on Serenes Forests forums? I go there sometimes, but it's kind of boring there. :x
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