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  • I'm glad they included the bikes. They made it even more fun. :)

    Yep a sequel would be great. I heard not many people were happy w/ RD's ending. :/

    I hope they release the older Japan only FE games on the Virtual console. I want to play the older FE games. D:
    Whoops! I thought you didn't play a MK game. Sorry! XD I love playing Mario Kart Wii especially with the steering wheel. :D

    I can't wait to see a FE game on the 3DS. It'll be epic. :]
    I'll check them out. *adds both FE games, TP and ST to my "to play" list* lol XD

    The only Paper Mario I played was the N64. You'll love the Mario Kart series. I recommend you check out Mario Kart DS. It's really fun, especially in multiplayer. ;)
    Now I really want to play Path of Radiance and RD. :)

    I only played LttP and OoT. That's all sadly. :( I'm thinking about getting TP, PH and ST. Are they all good?

    I heard there's also a Paper Mario and Mario Kart 3DS in the works. :D
    He sure does. I hope he returns in the next Smash Bros game. XD

    What Zelda games have you played?

    I'm really looking forward to Super Mario 3DS. That will be a must get for me. :)
    I used Ike to unlock other characters. He is a great character to use in Brawl. :3

    I noticed you're into Zelda games. I recently got into the series, but I've been a Mario fan since N64 days. XD I can't wait for Skyward Sword to come out. :)
    Congratulations and Happy late B-day! ^^ Did you get any 3DS games?

    I like Ike in Brawl. He's one of my favorite SSBB characters. :)
    I love my 3DS! ^_^

    Yeah some groups don't last long on the forums. :( So Radiant Dawn is your fav FE game. I heard it was fun so I might give it a rent. :)
    Hey welcome to the forums! Glad to see another Fire Emblem fan. There's a FE fan club on the forums if you're interested. :)
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