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  • Oh good, I'm glad :) And yeah, Legend of Korra was amazing in some ways, and needed work in others. Well, that's how everything in life is, right? ;)
    I do like avatar, yes :) And legend of Korra. I was just wondering though, did you receive the banner I made for you? Because you haven't said anything about it. ;_; If you don't like it, I can certainly make a new one :)
    Do you mean Wakfu ? If so then the answer is yes. It's one of my favorite shows especially since it's french like me :)

    Do you like it ?
    I'm so thankful that you are using one of my banners :) However, the size looks small...and I could help you make it bigger and HD :) Just follows these instructions:

    First, click on your 'Notifications' in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will get a drop down menu, and an option 'Inbox'. Click on that. That will bring you to a new page...your PM box basically. Ignore that for now. Instead, focus on the left part of your screen...you will see a list of things, such as 'My Messages', 'My Subscriptions', 'My Settings' etc. etc. Go to the 'My Settings' box, under it should be 'My profile'. And under that, there should be hyperlinks 'edit profile', 'edit profile picture' etc. The one you want is 'edit signature'. Click on that. It will bring you to a page where you can now form your siggy! If you want the banner in there, copy and paste this code into the white box WITHOUT the star (*):

    Welcome! It's very nice to meet you and we're all happy to have you on this advanceshipping train! XD You'll have a fun time I'm sure.
    Hi, welcome to the advanceshipping thread :) I realize that you wanted to know how to make a banner for your signature? Well, if you'd like to make it yourself, you can use GIMP or photoshop or any other program like that. However, I do specialize in making banners for the thread and other places, so if you would like me to make a banner for you and your siggy, just let me know :) Have a lovely day!
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