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  • Ive been alright. Just recovered from a a throat infection. I was dying! lol. Well thats good its better than ur last one. I saw what you posted on the Speculation Contest...you're usually one of the first ones! I happened to miss this one. Its too late for me. haha. What are you doing exactly for work?
    Thats cool man! Congrats on the job. I actually do not need Dark Pulse anymore (I found out I had one! lol) but if you wanted to battle AGAIN perhaps this weekend, that'd be cool! I have some new Pokes to test out.
    My bad man. My computer went out for a little while. But now...ITS ALIVE. haha. Let me know when ur ready. I notice you usually come on in the early day, so I'll try and get on around that time. Ttyl.
    Sorry I missed you yesterday dude. I DO have a Croagunk. You can trade any Poke u want for it. I'll actually keep it so I have more chances of winning the lottery! haha. Just let me know when ur free. I'll be on tomorrow afternoon, so we'll talk then buddy. Until then, peace.
    Oh cool. Well, Im gonna log off and run some errands, but I'll be back on in a bit. Maybe then we could battle. Talk to you soon man.
    Shoddy? Smogon? What are those? Battling sites? I battle on GameBattles. Very rough, though. Im still working on building up a good team that can flow together, but I still need to EV train myself, so I feel ur pain. The only way to find out in my opinion is through trial and error. Alot of ppl I battled on there are sore losers. When I lose, Im happy I finally got challenged, and that I learned a thing or two. Would you like to battle me?
    Oh cool. Im 23. We're not too far off. Yeah, Poliwrath is one of my favorites, probably Top 10. But I think just one more species of the same type would be fit. There's so many kinds of the same dual-types out there. Im also waiting for a Fire/Psychic...could be neat. Do you battle often?
    Yeah, im alright (in general, and from the crash). They need to make another Water/Fighting type Pokemon. Hopefully in Gen. V, huh? I noticed we have some things in common man. How old are you?
    My first username was something I randomly made, GreenGyarados, then I changed it to ♫Green♫ for the color and the name use in Pokémon.
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