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  • I'm good.

    However, my ranger, RainbowMoondust, has gone missing. I have caught a Chingling and a Solrock, but she left before she could post the capture bit. Are you able to finish the RP of for me with the third Pokemon?
    Yeah, thanks, a Thunder Wave would be pretty sweet. Otherwise the only thing I can think of to do is wait for the Future Sight to hit, we don't want to cause too much damage to the Koffing.
    To be honest, there isn't really a strict limit on the amount of time you must respond in an AIM battle, since most of the time, a referee is responding asap and if he has to brb or w/e, he will just say it. The general time to follow would be 5 minutes.

    For a ref test, it is normally up to the ref tester's discretion. Like with real battles, the general time that you're expected to ref a turn should be around 5 minutes as well. I don't think any tester will heavily penalize you even if you take longer than that to ref a turn, unless you're doing it for every turn and stats are also wrong.
    Well, 'least you can stay within the ranks of us non-refs :D Welcome back to the club! *shoos evil ref calculators away*

    And I'd give the grader test a try. If not right now, then after another story or two. When you feel a little more ready. And even if you fail, Nemo usually gives decent feedback to help you improve. So if nothing else, you will get better at grading/writing.

    Whenever you feel ready. AND MAKE SURE YOU MENTION DRAGONESS TOLD YOU TO TAKE THE TEST (and expects a commission xD) Naw, I'm joking. Anyways, I'm headin' off. ttyl
    xD Well, I hope your ref test went well. And graders receive decent wages...kinda. Alright, refs do receive better pay :p BUT WE NEED MORE GRADERS! :p
    Ref test? o_O What on earth marks you wanna be a ref? :p You're braver than I am, anyway. I leave complicated things like reffing to tho pros.
    Anyway, I will look over your story again, when you can edit it after the SWC. Or if you just PM the new story to me. Don't worry about the pay :) Just let me know when you are done.
    Hmm, I think I will. It looks neat.

    Btw, I'm curious, what's your impression of the grade? Did I help you any? xD
    You know your avvie? Well I can swear I have seen something like it before, in an ad. Anyway, what does it say?
    No problem! Thanks for requesting I can't work on it until my laptop returns to my room....>_>"

    I got into trouble with my mom and I can't play games or anything on my laptop cuz I'm only allowed to use it for school stuff....so it may be awhile before I get to it! Please be patient! Thanks!
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