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Recent content by King Fissamé

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    Create your own Pokemon villainous Team

    Name: Motto: Symbol: Main Pokemon Type(s) used: Goal: Uniform Style: Leader: Administrators: Description: You can add more categories if you want, I'll start as well Name: Team Eclipse Motto: "Turn all creation into Darkness" Symbol: A Crescent Moon...
  2. K

    Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    1st Gym Leader Name: Anna Rae Gym Leader Title: The Daredville Age: 10 Specialty: Electric Pokemon: Pikachu lv.8, Elekid lvl.9, Electabuzz lvl 10 Motto: "The Electric Adrenaline Grows at Youth" Badge: Lighting Ray Badge More info: Anna Rae its a tomboyish daredevil that is a fan of extreme...
  3. K

    What type would the user above be?

  4. K

    Hoenn Remake Wishlist

    I would like to see the Battle Frontier back, and I would like to see the Frontier Brain's Redesign
  5. K

    Pokemon References in Other Franchises

    The image appears to be small, but doesn't the yellow spider look familiar. It looks like Galvantula. This is from Black Bullet. Here is a video to take a closer look
  6. K

    Hello there.

    Welcome to the Kingdom
  7. K

    Do you enjoy the franchise a lot more now that you're older?

    Same here, as you get older you know all of the Pokemon names and you can easily identify all Pokemon.
  8. K

    Pointless warnings

    Warning: Some of them may be mistaken for poison ivy Reggie Fils-Aime
  9. K

    A More Mature Pokemon Anime

    Should there be a Shonen Type Spinoff Anime that includes humans that combine themselves with Pokemon in order to fight their enemies? Something similar to Naruto. The Mega Evolution anime will be great for this. Just an upgrade from TV-Y7 FV to TV-PG LV
  10. K

    Hi there!

    Welcome To The Kingdom
  11. K

    Where was ^ on the night of the murder?

    was at King Fils-Aime's Castle
  12. K

    Pikachu-themed Food (Pikachu Café)

    Awesome burger.
  13. K

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    A Sankarea girl, that means she's from South Korea, so that means Norkarea is from Korea PR.
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    What type would the user above be?