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Recent content by King of KOTBC

  1. K

    Reason behind your username

    The KOTBC is my Pokemon clan me and my friends compete in at school. I won The clan tournament the last two years and am the best player so that's where I got my name
  2. K

    Final 6

    In yellow: Pikachu, blastoise, venusaur, charizard, snorlax, dragonair
  3. K

    What was best?

    Well my vote goes to sapphire mainly for kyogre but the version exclusives for the most part i liked better the one thing ruby does have though is Zangoose!!!
  4. K

    Favorite things about D/P

    the physical special split by far is my favorite thing
  5. K

    LT Weekly Poll #32 Favourite Ranger game?

    Shadows of Almia by far i loooooooooooved that game great plot good capture system Darkrai oh my arceus it was good haha
  6. K

    LT Weekly Poll #8 - Do you still play the older generations?

    Gen 4 is the only generation I compete in lol I play every gen but as far as competitive goes gen 4 is it for me and my competitive friends
  7. K

    What should the next mystery dungeon game be like?

    well im the kind of guy who likes to use those out of the box like pokemon such as machop i don't really like going with starter pokemon very often in explorers of time and darkness other than riolu and i guess evee the other kinda out of the box pokemon weren't really appealing to me but i just...
  8. K

    Which Football Team do you support?

    In the MLS the galaxy in BPL chelsea and in the serie A Juventus
  9. K

    2013-2014 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Kentucky wildcats title number 9 this year calling it!
  10. K

    Contest Seviper vs. Zangoose

    Zangoose has swords dance and close combat and it could use crush claw or return for stab its faster than seviper so i'd prefer zangoose competitively i like both their designs but id say sevipers is just a tad cooler imo pound for pound I choose zangoose plus did any of you guys read a...
  11. K

    Pokemon that disappointed you on playthroughs

    I was pretty dissapointed with zebstrika maybe it was just because i got a nature that butchered it's already pitiful defense and it just got steamrolled out there i didnt like it lol
  12. K

    If you could add 30 Base Stat points to any Pokémon, which one would you pick?

    I'd maybe give a plus 30 to absols speed putting it at 339 mixed with his great attack stat would make it a great dark type maybe a plus 30 to blastioses defense making him even better at a countercoat combo I love blastiose
  13. K

    What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon

    My favorite starter is squirtle because i love blastoise and squirtle can get mirror coat through breeding. My least favorite is chikorita because i like all of the othergrass starters better
  14. K

    Best lines ever

    "They call me the echo man! battle me yahoo!" Hiker outside Mt. Coronet
  15. K

    Am I the only one around here who...

    No i think it's stupid having hidden abilities that's why me and my friends treat gen 5 like a whole different category in competitive play Am I the only one who picks the water starter no matter what?