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  • I'm in my third year technically xD but it's not that awesome really, can be relly tough.
    As a GM, having a PC of your own is useful because you can use them to tell players information. But take care not to have them hog the spotlight. Also, try to only say "no" if something a player is doing would cause the RP to be less fun for others. Also also, rember that your players are just as good at writing as you, and they outnumber you. If you want a serious story and they want a goofy one, then you should have a goofy one.
    It's good to have some idea of what's going to happen. Like you know that the bad guy is going to try and steal something at some point, and that he's going to kill so-and-so. And you need to let players know about these things, and give them chances to intervene. But the most important thing is you need to realize that it's really the player's story. So you need to read what players want out of it, and mold your story around them.

    It takes practice to read your players, but you can try asking questions. Also reading sign-ups is a good source of information. Like in one RP I'm running, one of the players has ghost powers. So right now they're battling ghosts in a haunted museum. And another player is a vampire, and I'm probably going to introduce the dude who bit him as a major villain.
    What kind of RP do you want to make? Any questions you have about GMing? I can't tell you exactly what will make your RP last, but I can tell you what I've seen work.
    Remember I told you that in the OOC thread when you got back :p

    There's no point anymore if everyone's already reacted to him and the fact he looks like a 50 year old.
    Um...didn't we agree you were gonna use a new character? Tbh I think Neil is a little...too out there for a high school RP especially with that addiction.
    Nope not really xD they're just at th eclub room right now waiting to see if new members will arrive.
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