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  • Well, I'm a little late (which was totally not due to me ust getting Etrrian Odyssey Untold 2, why would you think that), but I hear tell that we are to be pitted against eachother in a clash of 'mons for a certain tournament... Well, if 've done my calculations correctly, I think I should be able to do so at around 4-5PM EST, if that's alright with you.
    I'm going to have to pass on trading for the 6 IV Growlithe you bred. Turns out I don't have access to a female Hidden Ability Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame in a Premier Ball. I could obtain one from someone else, but honestly it would take me less effort to simply breed a Growlithe of my own. Sorry!
    Yeah just let me know when you wanna battle. My Pokemon Showdown name is the same as here.
    I'm on all day today, and I'm on Show down right now. My name on Showdown is the same name as it is here. If you can't battle today, we can battle tomorrow after 3:00pm EST?
    I'll be here all day too from this point on, finally done with being busy for a few days.
    I'm on Showdown now, but I don't see you since you're offline.
    It's weird because I am not sure of the diference :eek: I mean both trade the item. And if we are at it, have you used fling on a gliscor? I was told it was a good stragedy since it isnt likely the opponent will heal your poke and you can't predict if the opponent has a cleric on their team.. but well the deal is poisoning the opponent when you are about tl faint or you think the item isnt necesary anymore.

    Wow :eek: I guess you don't have the intention of changing it :p
    Hmmm.. I guess I like to have diferent names xD also so people don't recognize me
    From all the games I played I'd say Nightmare in dreamland since it was my first >.<
    Ah, that's because you haven't visited your friend list on the 3DS since I added you.

    And thanks for the Heart Scale and Togepi! You really didn't need to give me both, just one of them would have been fine ^_^
    That one too -w- Tho I don't remember many people using switcheroo on Whimsi. I wanna try now.. *plans on change Whimsicott moveset*

    Wooow it's almost 10 years from that :eek: What's your fav Kirby game? :3 I always diferent usernames to every site I go, I dunno why xD
    Pfft xD Dat trick Meowstic tho! It isn't actually bulky but it does have priority so you can switch other troll items instead of relying on the choice scarf to troll :p

    Do you like Kirby for the looks of it :O or is it my imagination? :p
    Trollure eh? :eek: I never tried that one! I am sucker for those kinds of sets. Plus chandy is really frail HP wise, so I am always scared of it being OHKO'ed.
    Congrats on your dex btw :3 I always say I am gonna complete mine but I am a professional procrastinator -w-
    OMG I am so sorry >.< I was looking at you by K-F-E, no wonder I thought you weren't around. Anyways trade done :D Thanks to you too ~ I am gonna make of her a wrecker Chandelure!
    Weirdly enough I saw you playing Alpha Sapphire but you never were in the PSS to trade :/ Are you avalaible tomorrow at night?
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