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    Ooh, I see! It's kinda hard for me to keep away from the manga, but I'll read it when the anime ends. :D
    I'll be going now, good night! ^^
    Yeah, it would. XD It would be just as awkward as someone who says:

    Bird is flying

    instead of:
    The bird is flying. xD
    Yep, that's what most non-native speakers use, but it's not always right because not all words in French are masculine. xD
    English is quite easy compared to that, since "the" is used for everything and there's no masculine and feminine. ._.
    "Le" is for masculine nouns, while "la" is for feminine nouns. The tricky thing in French is that there's no particular rule that tells which noun is masculine and which noun is feminine, so it's kinda hard to tell for non-native speakers. :|
    Haha! :D Although, in this case, it would be la crème glacée, because crème is a feminine noun. ^^
    Chocolate = Chocolat.
    Ice cream: Crème glacée!

    And chocolate ice cream is = crème glacée au chocolat. xD
    Aww, that's too bad. :( Well, if you ever want to learn some words or sentences in French, don't hesitate to ask me! :D
    Oh... well I'm sure you'll eventually find something that interests you. ^^
    I think I already told you my first language is French, right? ^^ Well, I already know Spanish and English, and now I'm learning German! :D And during the first session, I learned a bit of Mandarin Chinese, but I only know the basics. So yep, that's about it for now. ^^
    A bit, but I enjoy it because it's very fun sometimes! And I really like the people there. :3
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