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  • Same, my connection lso went down for several days last week and I keep getting issues trying to get our conversation page. I was wondering why your name was up there again.

    That's great! Keep up the good work :)

    I haven't seen the new episodes yet. :p Crappy internet....
    I did see some screencaps of childhood flashacks. Serena bro-fisting Ash while watching the sunset. I swear that the straw hat she was wearing was a shoutout
    You read me like one of the many, many books in that lovely library. xD I hope you get the chance to visit it.
    Well, practice makes perfect. Anyway, how's your exam week going?

    Whatever suits you then.

    I'd probably be amused by Clemont's voice. He's going to start killing Titans and have anger management issues.
    I'm more interested with Ash's relationship with his childhood sweetheart friend Serena and Clemont's sister looking for a bride for her brother.
    Doooo iiiiiiiit. I implore you. More Ryouga fanarts would be nice. Remind me when you do get to make one. :)

    Like Eldritch abomination witches in Puella Magi?
    Tyrantrum is out and I'm impressed, though it looks like Groudon. Aurorus looks pretty.

    I'm suddenly excited about the XY anime...
    Go ahead. I had that idea for quite a while. So, why not?

    Sylveon: Fennekin, make a contract with me and become a magical girl! /人 ◕‿ ◕人\ /Shot
    That should be expected from a T-rex. No real dogs will be affected for hairdressing Furfrou.
    *Reminds you*

    Braixen now reminds me of magical girls, which could then become witches. I also find the dinosaurs cute, but I'm more curious about their evolutions. I'm not a fan of Meowstic or Furfrou.
    You're going to draw them?

    I need clearer pictures before I comment on them. I prefer Gekogashira. Haribougu looks like green Chaoboo. Tailenard reminds me of Renamon.
    While I do like the concept of alternate BURST, I rather have new characters having them instead.

    I guess you can also prepare for your exams for the time being...
    Growth spurt everyone then... :p I've seen some high school AU fics. I didn't like them.

    I see. I'm guessing you're going through making the poster before preparing for hell week...?
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