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Recent content by Krash

  1. Krash

    Dialga & Palkia Event: Anybody Having Problems?

    Is it possible that the internal clock on your 3DS was set ahead a few days? I know From experience that the clock on that thing is notorious for messing up some functions. If you weren’t able to get the event to work for you, send me a PM. I have all 4 titles so I have one extra to spare of...
  2. Krash

    Favorite Alolan Regional Variant

    Muk and Sandslash. I have no idea why but as soon as I saw those two my mind immediately screamed “I need those”.
  3. Krash

    Pokemon Boss Battle Stories and Discussion

    ARGH Morty. My first playthrough I had ZERO checks for Ghosts. I hadn't levelled properly, and it was a trainwreck. Eventually I managed to evolve Eevee into Umbreon. That simplified things just a tad.
  4. Krash

    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    28. Fell out of the scene for a bit, but got back into it back in 2011. Thankfully life affords me the time to enjoy the franchise.
  5. Krash

    Pokemon tournament?

    I'm wondering if this is what you're talking about?
  6. Krash

    The "Pokémon Day"

    I'd feel great either way, but I'm leaning more toward hoping it's the Gen VIII reveal trailer. No particular reason, I just feel (personally) that since so many people already know about Zeraora, gravitas and excitement is lost on any big reveal being SOLELY Zeraora.
  7. Krash

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    The odds for this shiny Pokemon are the magnificent 1/64. That, however, doesn't mean that you're GUARANTEED a shiny every 64 hatches, just that it's much more likely than if you didn't have the shiny Ditto (the odds would be 1/8192). Now, in Gen 2, the odds of breeding a shiny are most...
  8. Krash

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    They stack. And boy, does my Nidoking wreck house. From Bulbapedia: For example, using my Nidoking against a pretty common Landorus: Though also, using Bagon with a Neutral nature, no IVs or EVs, against a Rattata with the same configuration (for simplicity sake): So you can see that the...
  9. Krash

    Movies/TV What was the last movie you watched?

    Black Panther. What a good film.
  10. Krash

    Favorite Male Player Character Design

    The outfit Gold wore in the gen 2 games was the only outfit aside from Reds that I would have actually worn when I was their age. For that reason and that reason only, I chose Gen 2's outfit.
  11. Krash

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    I love the design. Can't say too much about it because I haven't really had the chance to use it. Geodude.
  12. Krash

    Favorite PokeBall..

    Moon ball all the way. Not for functionality, just for design.
  13. Krash

    Rival Naming Through the Generations

    They're not trying to tie the anime in with the games. YES, I know they like to add a slight nod to the anime in here and there, but keeping both separate has and always will be the best course of action. There are people who like the anime don't necessarily like the games and there are those...
  14. Krash

    Future Villains: Organization or Individual?

    Not even. Just some bored guy wanting to watch the world burn.
  15. Krash

    On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate each gen?

    Ok, I'll preface this reply by saying that I'm including remakes in the generation they came out in, not the generation they were based on, and am basing my rankings entirely on how I felt on my first playthroughs of the generations. Gen 1 - 7/10 Ah, the one that started them all. I loved this...