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  • Can you send a message in this thread-
    Pokémon Ratings (BW:DA! returns to top 10)
    Tell him ,
    Pokemon got in Top 10 because all other long running good anime currently isn't airing .
    Like Fairy Tail , Hitman Reborn , Bleach Or Sgt Keroro !
    Plus , That chart only shown Long-running Anime .
    What about the Short-running Anime ?
    Plus , Its clearly said that Pokemon got there after 4 weak absence.
    Its clearly prove Pokemon Best Wishs Da aren't getting Much audience .
    Just Because 1 episode got barely 4.0 %rating , It Doesn't mean it getting back it popularity.
    The only reason That episode got rating because Ash was ALLOWED to win against wild Pokemon & good Battle Animation .
    The beginning episode of Best Wishs got good rating because people had a lot of exception but when people's exception dropped , The rating Dropped along with it .
    Pokemon will clearly be out of Top 10 if it try another bullshit crap from BW and trolled people again by making Ash lose another league .
    Also , If Fairy Tail , KHR , Bleach & Sgt Keroro start airing again then Pokemon finished
    Plus Nisekoi is coming out as a Anime !
    If Nisekoi become a long-running Anime then Pokemon finished too.
    What about Black or White? I have my average Level is 47... Do you have any Pokemon around that Level?

    Ask Me Anything
    He answered some questions. Sollux's name is now canonically Solluxander.
    Maybe? XDD

    Oh and the questions you picked - another person asked them already and I answered them in the comments XDD
    Really? I can't remember any anti-competitive statements from TVT, apart from the occasional Smogon bashing.
    High chances of that person being female, judging by the fact "love of yaoi" XDD
    Well, I hope you like it here. I don't post here as often as Tv tropes but I like it here.
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