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  • Nope I haven't gotten it lol.


    Try it again. And I look forward to it! And no rush I'll be around haha :3
    Tu peux l'uploader avec ce site et en choisissant le deuxième lien. Ensuite tu fais juste copier/coller entre [noparse]
    Fait plaisir.

    Met ton texte entre les tags [noparse]
    [/noparse]. Tu sais comment uploader une image?
    "Do you think the mafia will start soon? I'm looking forward to play."

    Et l'host ne le sait pas, ça dépend des joueurs qui s'inscrivent.
    You can find the opening if you look up "Sailor Moon Opening" on YouTube. There's an english version and a Japanese version. You can choose whichever you prefer.
    Yes, I have seen Death Note! I think it's a really good anime;-). Do you like it?

    Sailor Moon is a magical girl anime/manga from, um.... Maybe 1994? I think it came on in America in about... Maybe 1998? It's really good and they just started to rerelease the manga. If you like romance and magical girls, you should check it out!:kawaii:

    I don't think I've ever heard of Ergo Proxy... What is it about? :shy:
    I usually do them altogether in one day. The reason they take so long is because I have trouble finding the time/motivation sometimes.

    Yes, with the use of a tablet. It's basically a large touch pad on which you use a special kind of pen (that comes with it), similar to the idea of a DS stylus.
    I'll teach you as best I can at least!~

    And that's fiiine by me haha. Sounds like good motivation for you I guess? lol
    My shop requests don't take too long. I may spend like 15 minutes to half an hour on each. When I'm creating a more large scale graphic, it may take up to an hour or more.
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