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  • I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do!! I'M GONNA...stand here and pout at you for a bit. >:1
    How you like them apples, eh?! >:eek:

    Alas, in those 9 hours, they only had room for one of the brothers to do some romancin'.

    Oh god, Paradox and his Mandark voice, that was great too. xD
    I'm happy to hear your ship is sailing on smooth waters. :3
    And Atticus is such a cool name.

    Ah, I see. Interesting headcanon. xD
    What Norse myth is he related to?

    Also do you watch Cardfight!! Vanguard?
    I don't but I really like this ending and hope the guy was able to find his blue-haired boyfriend (from what I do know said blue-haired lad was erased from existence and only this guy remembers him at the start of the arc. I will give the series proprs for that, not too often do they ditch their main protagonist like that for an arc.)
    I want to see a Dangan Ronpa version and Pokémon version of it, among other series. So catchy.
    Too good for the guide's proposed strategy, eh? Think yer better than them, don'tcha?? >:eek:
    I kid, I've had similar situations.

    Makes sense, considering how he got shafted on screentime compared to his brother.
    Gotta stretch it out and milk it for all it's worth.

    When I watched YGOTAS: Bonds Beyond Time movie, I fell victim to the charms of ShadyVox's and TheAzureCrow's voices. e.e
    The attraction between them, it is strong.

    Are all the YGO protagonists reincarnations of ancient Egyptian peoples?
    Yep, that's the one! I haven't played FE11 due to hearing mostly negative things about it, nor FE12 because it wasn't released outside of Japan. We did get this kickass music from it though, as well as the basis for the Avatar/Robin/My Unit.

    The best commentary or the best game in the series?
    I looked it up on the wiki and found out (or maybe relearned, it's been a long time) that Ness wasn't the main character in the first game.
    That's a nice tune.

    It is if you're a visual learner. Even for FE, though due to the combat system of the games the lack of one isn't as big of a deal. It's helpful if you're trying to acquire a character or item that only appears if you stand on a specific square.

    And now I finally have! (Alas poor Thorin, Fíli , and Kíli. ;A;)
    Me thinks this could have been cut down to two movies instead of three.

    It's been so long since I've watched YGOTAS. I think I left off around episode 50.
    I did see the second movie though. I like the guys voicing Jaden and Yusei.
    What makes Spiritshipping your OTP?
    For shame. >:eek: But I'll forgive ya because I like you.

    I picked up FE: Awakening again and finally beat the Apotheosis DLC! \('o')/ Now I'm just making up little tasks to keep prolonging the experience, haha. I don't want to start a new file because I know I'll just spend the next four months level and support grinding like I did the first time. But I wanted to play it to ease the pain of not being able to play FE: Fates until 2016. T_T
    Is the Earthbound LP with or without commentary? I'm currently watching a Silent Hill: 0rigins LP with commentary as I play along on my copy of the game.

    Still have yet to watch it. [sub]pls don't hurt me D:[/sub]
    Maybe I had a bit of help then, haha. ^^;

    Thanks. xD

    Nintendo pls get with the times you're being ridiculous

    And may Farore, Din, and Lanryu lead you to victory.
    There's a time limit? I fought him for at least 10 minutes because I suck.

    At least Edgar Allan Poe was spared.

    That's not good. With how big Gaia is you'd think it would have been reported to Nintendo by now if they didn't have permission to create Pokémon-based items.
    Fuuuuuuu *hugs back*

    Phantom Ganon was my favorite boss, along with being the one to give me the most trouble. And yeah, it did kind of look like a tennis match. xD I'm sure there's comics poking fun at that battle somewhere online.

    That's part of why it's the best. :D

    Can't blame 'em when people fetishize their sexual orientation. >>;
    *begrudgingly accepts hug* >:1

    Rules were meant to be broken. (Although I would be happy with this compromise. )

    Phantom Ganon was difficult for me because I derped and spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to launch attacks back at him. :sweat: Forest Temple is best OoT dungeon tho

    Could be either, or maybe both. It sucks that people would use it as hard confirmation for him being gay though. Like, there's nothing wrong with the acts themselves, it's that people couldn't possibly conceive that a straight person would do the certain things or that a gay person would do certain things solely because of their orientation. Stereotypes suck.
    MAYBE slightly

    I demand a purple Grass starter.
    There is purple Easter grass available for purchase, there should be a purple Grass starter!! >:eek:

    Exactly. :naughty:

    30 is nothing compared to 100, and you're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from finishing the quest. D:

    oh my, Marlon in a suit. :eek:

    I'm all right with it being Normal, I just mess up because of the association between fairies and pink.
    Hear, hear!

    But I wanna see it on a big screen. :s

    Shame on you, fellow KM. >:1

    Any good pics to share?
    I never ended up fighting Marlon, only got through the first two gyms in W2.
    don't you "<3" me. >:1

    I keep think Audino was retconned to be Normal/Fairy but nope still just Normal.
    It's because of the association between fairies and pink. I look forward to future generations where the type has more of a variety of color. [sub]Or at least more purple.[/sub]

    Aah I got'cha.

    No. ._. We ended up watching House of Cards (US version) season 2 and Pulp Fiction the next couple of times that we hung out together. We'll probably see it at the value movie theater for cheap when she comes back from vacation.

    KM noooo you gotta get all the golden skulltulas and save that family to get the Huge Rupee!! ...that you don't really need because by the time you get all 100 of them you'll have no need for money in the game. :look: But you should still save them!

    Pokémon's Marlon?

    's a neat idea, and quite the coincidence that it matched up with Kynn. Would there be any special plot events that happen at the night market?

    Okay you got me on dress up. Still prefer the contest "battles" though. :u

    Why are the bird demons and vampires enemies? Just because?

    Larissa I was so close to seeing this movie with my friend on Tuesday, but we got the times wrong (and didn't feel like waiting four hours for the next showing). T~T

    How far are you?
    rude >:eek:

    Night Market? :eek: This intrigues me. I don't know much about Taiwan, what made you want to base your region off of it?
    [sub]contests > musicals #trufax[/sub]

    Aww. :3

    A bit. xD But it's good crack!

    All these myths intermingling leads to a lot of confusion. @.@ You're welcome. ^^

    The video focused more on her friend turning out to be a demon who murders all of her other friends, without going into the last scene. (so I'm not sure which ball you're talking about. xD;)

    You're probably right, sadly. Bilbo seems like it would be worse to have because it's so close to 'dildo.' e.e
    ...well I was really off there. xD; Thanks for clearing that up for me.
    [sub]it is a divine sign that should have totally happened[/sub]

    LoZ has a multiverse within the main games? I thought they were all a part of a timeline, with said timeline splitting in two after the events of OoT.
    Speaking of LoZ, MM 3DS confirmed for a spring release here!
    Hot damn. :9
    I see eye c. xD

    If there were lots of things to do in the cities I wouldn't mind having a lot. It'd be like Colo and XD.
    Games can go overboard with backtracking, but sometimes it's nice to revisit locations. That way they aren't one-off, forgettable stops on your journey. I was so happy to learn you can fly to routes in ORAS. Now you can have a secret base in a more secretive location without having to spend forever walking through the grass or caves.

    That's a heartwarming story. :3 Was it a stray?

    Here's the very brief scene if you'd like to see it. (I'd recommend giving the whole film a watch, if you have the chance to do so. It's a good deconstruction of the horror genre.)

    Now there doesn't seem to be a difference other than what they're officially designated as in a series, although mermaids tend to be seen as good and sirens evil, given that their songs are meant to lure people to their deaths. According to this, mermaids had the qualities of both the mermaids and sirens of today, whereas sirens were originally half-human, half-bird people who served Persephone.

    Really? That sounds neat; it's been awhile since an anime really scared me. xD
    All I know about Miyu is that it had a wtf ending, according to a YouTube video of wtf anime endings.

    All hail Thorin, the bara god! :unworthy:
    Somewhat related, my friend was pretty excited when a guy named Thorin was hired at her work. xD Never did find out if he was a LotR fan.
    You might, unless this is about some really distant incest.

    Why aren't FrLg and HGSS part of the multiverse?
    We already have the main gameverse, animeverse, and multiple mangaverses, now we're splitting the main game one in two? whaaaa
    Mini cookie pies? 8D
    Their plans are horrible, but everything else about them is great. I had heard about Archie going into children's television, but not rapping.

    No, you're correct, cities = the plural form of city, sorry for that confusion. ^^; I put "cities?" because I wasn't sure what cities we were talking about. Cities in Kynn?

    It's documented as the highest street? That's quite a unique honor to know about. xD
    Yeah, very sad. You can spend years collecting stuff and bonding with pets, and then within such a short amount of time you can potentially lose everything...

    For a few seconds, yeah. It's not a major part of the story by any means, but I thought its brief scene was a nice addition to the film.
    It's surprising when you know that they can be scary, but you're so used to seeing the modern interpretation of merfolk that seeing the original interpretation is a bit shocking. A pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. xD
    I don't think there's anything wrong with using the modern, less-scary interpretations of fairy tales in-and-of-themselves, but when the market is over-saturated with them...they don't really stand out. (That's when, if you want your work to stand out, you go back to the original.)
    Can get on board with that. :unworthy:

    Whaaaa where? Because of the remakes?
    *noms said cupcake* :9
    Magma has the better outfits, but Aqua's aren't horrible. [sub]plus they have Archie in all his bara glory :v[/sub]


    That's not good. :x I don't live in an area that experiences flooding often, but every now and then we get flash flood warnings.

    Nothin' wrong with that.
    You'd like The Cabin in the Woods then. :D (Before watching that movie I'd never thought a merman or a unicorn would be in a horror movie. I was proven wrong.) Yeah, it seems today people opt for the modern interpretation of mermaids that drops the hideous monster bit. (And then the closest thing we get to that are sirens.) 's nice when people break from the current mold/trend.
    For those comics, I think it helps that Thorin is a very hairy guy instead of clean-shaven and bishie, since the general image of mermen has become the latter.

    I have not, but it sounds hilarious. xD
    Team Hoodie/Magma all the way!! >:D
    Unless we're talking about all evil teams, then it's Rocket.

    You tell 'em, Larissa! (Agreed. xD)

    Nothing? You don't even have floods? o.0
    Does he ever get caught? I remember a number of dreams about being chased, but I usually don't remember the conclusions or I wake up before it happens.

    If you find/draw it please link me to it. xD
    Can honestly say I was not expecting a mermaid!au when clicking those links lol. (I like that Lion King reference. [sub]and possibly Little Mermaid reference, if the au is related to it at all.[/sub])
    *holds out hand for my Team Hoodie cupcake*

    Oh. Well that's still a good idea! (for everything except your Gaia wallet, lol. Even if they're gender free it'll take you years to pay for them.)
    You'd probably still get people with hang-ups about it (eg. what is a "boy flavor?" and two other comics), but I think most people would be open to it.

    Gah I hate those types of dreams. Never had one about a tsunami, but some about tornados, and a lot of dreams with people chasing me. >> You're much more heroic than me though, I don't remember saving anyone in my tornado dreams. xD

    [sub]Reunited at last.
    Is there a store close by that sells them?

    Whoa what Gaia had free outfits that weren't rags in the past?!
    By "totally gender free" do you mean "gender neutral"? If so, I'm sure many people would be open to the idea. ^^
    I like Legolas and Aragorn. :x Lol, where did that headcanon come from?

    Aw. :(

    You show 'em! >:D

    (Don't be mad at me, but I chuckled. xD Good for you for getting the proper amount of sleep though.)

    Unfortunately many series will ship tease and then have it turn out to be non-romantic because "lol we can't actually have our characters be anything but heterosexual that would be weird." :/ It's worse if it's done explicitly to attract a non-heterosexual audience (which I'd say The Hobbit/LotR didn't do because their main focus is advertized as Adventure/High Fantasy [sub]although all the homoerotic subtext is a bonus. :v[/sub]), but it still sucks that even series that don't focus heavily on romance shy away from portraying non-heterosexual couples.
    Boo! >:O

    It's not really necessary from that viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of having official non-heterosexual representation it is. Or anything besides cisgender, heterosexual white males, because there are countless videogames featuring them as main characters. (Not to say a game starring them is automatically bad, but diversity is good!) Good representation in media can help dispel stereotypes, or at least put us on the road to doing so. Who didn't you care for in LotR? I never read the books, but I watched the movies. Planning on seeing the last Hobbit movie soon, as well as Annie!
    Damn. o.0 I didn't take a survey or anything, but I don't think that many kids in my middle school or high school wanted to become lawyers.

    Could she still play it now?

    Exactly! There's different terms for it depending on how far one is straying from canon, but they're still essentially AUs.

    (What did you sister do to you? :eek:)
    I... think I have a vague idea what you're referring to (again, didn't read the book, but I've heard a spoiler or two); feel free to cry and rant to your heart's content. xD
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