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  • Hey man. I had a dream I saw you again the other night. Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about you consciously in quite a while, but there’s still a very important part of me that hopes everything’s going well for you and that wherever you are, you’re happy. I don’t know if you’ll ever check this account again, and it’s not like I’m here very often either, but if you do… message me anyway. I miss you.
    I just need to....*glomps Kyukyu awkwardly* It's been awhileeeeee. <3 And yep Erin has some screws loose. But oh well. xD
    Yeah, we also had to wait for VVVVVV like 4 months after the US got it. Hope we get the denpamen a little faster. Like expected we won't get it this week, but who knows, maybe the week after that. [/wishful thinking]
    I was planning on buying it myself. Partially because Genius Sonority made it, and Colosseum is like the best pokémon game ever. Too bad it might take ages before it is released in Europe.
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