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  • Pretty much the same, universtiy has ben pretty tough xD and job can be a bit of a hassle at times but it works at least.
    Since post is still getting approved...basically posted that I can help find out your Safari. My FC is 4957-2173-9539.
    For one I don't have a 3DS so I can't play it xD two I don't know when it'll be coming out in my country, three I don't know if my parents will even buy it for me, and four I don't know how much it'll be xD
    I'll try xD I wanna try and get another chapter ready before the self nomination period ends. On that note I also wanted to write a sort of prequel oneshot for XY.
    I'm good, I've been having to study for the last few days cause I've got exams. Even though I really wanna write -w-
    No I want to xD, it's just right now I don't have time to read anything really
    Uh...don't ask XD; I've been working on it and it's halfway done, but I haven't found the time to finish it.
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