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  • She does... :( I remember watching an interview
    Alexa Chung: "What is the best peice of advice anyone has ever given you?"
    Godga: "Hmmm... The best peice of advice someone has ever given me... would probably be; You only have one set of parents. *Points and looks at the crowd* Be good to your parents!"
    My colon is in bad shape. Like so bad I could have died. Though I don't know the technical term for it. Hahaha
    I am leaving for the hospital today. I will try to get on during my time in there, But no promises.
    And Wrath, he was even... more pissed at Greed's "OMG IAM AVARICIOUS" thing than actually getting killed. Hell, he was more furious when Buccaneer stab-uh, backstabbed him than what Scar did (in a mere volume or two's time), really. But I guess he accepted that fate as it resulted from a battle in that case, so that isn't entirely relevant, but he's still... real "picky" about what screws with his head. Gluttony getting 'napped didn't even seem to bother him though it could really fuck with their plans, but he's one weird geezer in that regard.
    Hmm, I read the chapter in question, and Ed didn't seem to remark much about how he felt better physically (unless I'm reading official volumes wrong), but yeah, it's nothing compared to the head injuries he had right after the whole Devil's Next fiasco. Homonculi do have better bases, hence Gluttony having enough strength to break Scar's ribs in his grip, and SLOTH. Oh god, that bastard was such a cheap-ass with his bulletproof durability and DBZ blitz attacks. Too bad he died anticlimactically, though. So, like, remember when Sig showed up with Izumi and threw his ass on a spike? Yeah... that's the end of him! :D

    True, Lust seemed to be the most "undedicated" one to her characteristic, unlike Greed, Glutton, and Sloth whose desires... are better left unsaid. I did once complain about how Envy never really shows his own emotion, but then... out came his suicide. >_>

    (cont. above)
    Yeah, Ran Fan was more dexterous in movement than the first Greed seemed to be, as Ed couldn't land one blow until he started talkin' shit about her master (lol, almost typed "mater" xD). But then again, Ed was pretty banged up from the previous fight, so maybe the concussive head injuries didn't fully heal at the time? Who knows? Homonculi always seem stronger than regular humans (Lust cutting off Mustang's fire glove before he could react, for example), but Ran Fan is highly trained while Greed just orders his minions around (in his first life)

    The Lust souls should be exceptionally horny, as Lust didn't even mind getting killed because she "liked" Mustang as a man, but then treated Barry like the piece of dirt he is. Though unlike Greed she is actually loyal to Father and such, but whatever.

    But Wrath getting more worked up over Hughes' daughter bitching in his funeral than over Lust's death, that always bugged me as he's supposed to be the manifestation of his anger. Or not.
    Oh, incredibly large planets. That makes perfect sense! What was I thinking? Not realizing this sooner, how silly of me.
    Unless... its me. Then, I'm sorry! :C

    I'm actually really tired. And, I'm gonna head off to bed. So, G'Night.
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